How To Practice Dancing When...

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How To Practice Dancing When...

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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In section 5, we talked about taking dance classes at studios.

But many of us don't live close to any dance studios, or are too busy, or on a tight budget...

Which is why, in this section, we'll talk about other ways to practice dancing that can better fit your lifestyle.

How to practice dancing with no studios in your area

Use online dance tutorials

There are tons of dance tutorials available online.

DanceTutorialsLIVE offers how-to videos in everything from Twerking to the Dougie.

Matt Steffanina teaches choreography on his YouTube channel.

And you can learn from Korea’s choreographers through 1MILLION Dance Tutorial.

And of course, STEEZY Studio has over 600 online classes where you can learn advanced Urban Choreography pieces, grooves, beginner choreography, and more.

Curious to see how it works? This’ll tell you everything: How To Use STEEZY Studio

For different styles –

B-Boy and B-Girl Dojo provides an interactive, immersive Breakin’ program that teaches moves, techniques, battle skills, and more.

VincaniTV also has great tutorials on Breakin' and Hip Hop styles, as does Darren Wong!

You can find YouTube tutorials on basic House steps by Jardy Santiago, too!

How to practice dancing at home

1. Practice a piece you've already learned

A class ends in an hour or two, but you can keep learning from it even after it's over.

Re-teach yourself the piece, drilling specific parts that were difficult the first time.

Get more ideas on how to do this! How You Should Practice After Learning A Piece

2. Drill fundamental exercises and grooves

Hip Hop, Urban Choreo, Popping, Locking, Waacking, House, etc., – whatever style you want to get better in, the key to improvement is all the same – repetition.

We have an entire playlist of FREE drills in House and Popping on our YouTube channel!

Check 'em out:

3. Stretch and strength train your body

Your body is your most important tool! Stretching and strength training your body will keep it healthy, strong, and flexible.

Try these: 7 Stretches To Help You Dance Better (And Stay Injury-Free!)

How to practice dancing when you're busy with school and work

1. Find dance studios that offer classes later in the evening

Many studios do offer classes that start later, around 9 or 9:30 pm.

If you live in Los Angeles, then this list of The Top 8 Dance Studios In Los Angeles is a great guide.

This means you might even be able to go home after work and nap before class!

2. Create your own dance passion project

Taking class is fun, of course, but if you want to set a more personal standard for “accomplishment,” come up with a passion project!

For example: make a concept video! Or choreograph a piece!

These goals will challenge you to be artistic in more ways than just dance – and you're not relying on anyone else's time to make it happen.

Use this guide on How To Set And Achieve Your Dance Goals

How to practice dancing when you're on a budget

1. Learn pieces from friends

Cost: $0 (as long as you have good friends)

Master classes from super famous/dope dancers are awesome, but learning your friends' pieces can be a great experience for both the teacher and student.

Ask your friend to teach you a piece, or teach them one of yours. It'll help you both learn to teach and learn to learn.

2. Go to open sessions

Cost: $0-10 (depending on the studio)

Some studios also host "open sessions," usually in the last block in their schedule for the night.

It's a great bang for your buck, and a totally new experience than a choreography class that'll stretch your comfort zone.

3. Collaborate to make a piece

Cost: $0 (or your friendship)

Choreographing is a great way to push yourself as a dancer. And collaborating to make choreography with another person is a whole different challenge.

Ask your friend's who's down to collab, pick a song, and start creating!

Use these tips: How To Collab With Someone To Make A Piece

4. FREEstyle somewhere! A bar, club, your kitchen, bathroom...

Cost: $10-20 (depends on the club)

Many styles of dance started in clubs. So get back to the roots of dance!

For example, House!

Go to a bar or club in your area that plays music that you love. The only money you need to spend is on the admission, if there is a cover cost at all.

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We'll get into freestyling in the next section! Keep it up! Click here to start section 7.