How To Prepare For Prelude NorCal Dance Competition

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How To Prepare For Prelude NorCal Dance Competition

Jessie Ma
January 23, 2024
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Prelude NorCal is kicking off the fall competition season this year (I know, it's about to be a packed weekend), and amidst all the tacked-on practices and last-minute set changes your teams are undergoing in preparation for Nov 22nd, we thought it necessary for you to also equip yourself with proper knowledge of highlights of last year's Prelude NorCal, to better prepare for this year's production. With that said, Step Right Up and prepare for this throwback, y'all (see what I did there?).

The weeks leading up to Prelude NorCal is always an exciting time for dancers. With it being the major dance competition in the Fall season up north, Main Stacks has been the proud host of this competition for years, knowing that this day marks the culmination of hard work and the bringing together of the community. As always, Main Stacks puts their all into event planning and organizing the final details leading up to Prelude, but it is never considered to be a chore, since Prelude never fails to leave a good impression and lasting memories on Stacks members and the greater community.

Community Heroes

Each year, Prelude recognizes a team that both participates and interacts with the community through either acts of kindness, community service, or inter-team activities. (Last year's winner was VIP San Jose!) By naming a team a Community Hero, Main Stacks really allows us all to think bigger picture, placing the emphasis of our dance community involvement on community outreach and acts of philanthropy. It allows us to remember that even though Prelude NorCal is a day to celebrate dance and the accumulation of hard work all dancers have put in, we should always be focused on the possibilities that the manpower of a dance community can achieve.

The Show Itself

How To Prepare For Prelude NorCal Dance Competition - Photo Credit: P.Szeto Photography[/caption]As always, the panel of judges include esteemed choreographers and dancers alike. At Prelude NorCal 2013, judges were Tracy Seiler, Bibi Khalili, David Lim and Yosuke Murakami. This year, Prelude was fortunate enough to have Tracy, Bibi and Yosuke return, with a great new addition to the panel - David Lee! Let's take a quick glance at the top three placing teams from last year's show:

1st Place - ACA

2nd Place - 1 Up Crew

3rd Place - Press PLAY & VIP SJ

Press PLAY

VIP SJ(For a full experience of last year's show, check out the entire playlist of videos here!)

Prelude NorCal Traditions You Can Expect Again This Year

What makes Prelude NorCal unique and keeps the dance competition innovative is the theme that surrounds the event. Each year, Main Stacks themes Prelude and concurrently, their performance set. Last year's theme was Carnival (hence all the #StepRightUp hashtags you saw last year). This year, we've been seeing #WhoWillRocket everywhere - what theme do you think Main Stacks will present at the show?#RoadToPrelude #PreludeNorCalIt's not too late to purchase tickets to the show! Get your pre-sale tickets for $15 here, because it'll be $20 at the door!

What are some of your notable memories from any Prelude NorCal competition? Share your stories with us by commenting below!Want to learn more about the origins of Prelude NorCal and the planning that goes behind it? Check out everything you ought to know about Prelude NorCal here!