How To Win Your Crush's Heart With Your Dance Skills

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How To Win Your Crush's Heart With Your Dance Skills

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Think back to why you started dancing.

Was it because your mom put you in ballet classes at 3 years old, in hopes of you becoming a child prodigy?

Was it in high school, when you needed an extra curricular activity and really didn't want to run the mile anymore?

Was it in college, when you realized making a good group of friends among 30,000 people was way more difficult than you thought it would be?

Or was it lowkey highkey middlekey because you thought dancing looked cool AF and you wanted to get all the ladies/fellas to think you were the sh*t?

Surprisingly enough, the majority or surveyed dancers in the community said that they initially wanted to dance in order to impress the opposite sex.

That statement sounds a bit rash, but also like, who wasn't slightly turned on during Step Up?

Like we for sure wanted someone to Channing all over our Tatum, if you know what we mean.

Let's make that daydream a reality with 6 ways to win your crush's heart with your dance skills!

1. Send A Message

You've seen videos of flash mob proposals, and you've seen Keone and Mari latching on to each other and dancing to find their lost love in their patio area, as the soft rain hits their movements ever so delicately, complementing their textures and flow.

Damn, that was poetic AF.

Anyway, dancing by any means will captivate someone's attention, so use it to your best ability!

Regardless of whether you want to ask someone to prom or you want to say sorry for not being a good boyfriend (yikes), a choreographed dance is the perfect way to do it — but you might want to bring something else too, like a bouquet of roses, juuuuuust in case.

2. Battle For Their Heart

Imagine yourself at a club with your crush — maybe you both came together to hang out, or maybe you just met at the bar and decided that they are the love of your life.

It's all semantics, really.

All of a sudden, someone tries to hit on your new self-proclaimed boo, and you try to step in and show them what's up.

This fool lowkey wants to square up with you, so you have a mannequin challenge moment and reflect on the situation, asking yourself what you should do:

Should you back off and let this person take your crush, or should you defend your honor?

You snap back to reality and the DJ starts to play your jam, and you know exactly what you need to do: battle this fool... in a dance circle.

With the proper dance skills, not only will you demolish your competition without having to get physical, but you'll most likely also impress your crush with your 6-step and top ROCK THEIR WORLD #breakdancenothearts.

3. Get On Your Dancing Shoes

And no, we don't mean your Flyknits or your Boosts — we're talking about your comfiest heels and your shiniest oxfords.

Social gatherings increase as you get older, especially in the wedding department.

Sure, the wedding day might be all about the couple, but after they say "I do" and the dance floor opens up, it is your time to shine.

Newlyweds get antsy when there's no one dancing at the reception (according to, uh, super extensive research involving charts and graphs), so do the couple a favor and help them out by teaching everyone how to dougie.

You'll be the hit of any and all weddings, and statistically, most people find their significant others at weddings (again, tons of extensive research went into this, DM us if you want to see our sources cited in APA format).

Perhaps someone will watch you whip from the bar and decide to nay nay on over to you and ask for your number. One can only dream.

4. Show Your Commitment to the Team

By team, we mean your relationship, because you can't spell "team" without "mate" and in this relationship, you'll need to be committed.

Regardless of the style of dance you enjoy or the atmosphere in which you practice, dancers all share their passion and commitment to dance.

You show up on time, you don't flake on rehearsals, and you put 200% of your soul on the stage whenever you perform.

Dancing requires discipline and respect for the craft, and those are two of many great qualities that you can prove you're good at in a relationship too — unlike Coachella tickets, these skills are transferrable!

5. Prove That Dancers Can... Perform

If you have rhythm outside of the bedroom, imagine how much can you have in one ;)

6. It's Romantic AF

Haven't you seen that part in "A Cinderella Story" where Austin Ames takes Diner Girl outside at the homecoming dance and they're slow dancing with no music and then a live band that just so happened to be packing up starts to play Edwin McCain's "I'll Be" and it's just like amazing?!

Or what about the part in "Stomp the Yard" where DJ and April go on a casual date to eat and hang out, and then they start to dance and a slow song comes on and they casually begin to hold hands and Maxwell's beautiful ass falsettos begin to sing "This Woman's Work" and then it gets all sorts of sexii?!

Look at all these romantic AF opportunities that are aplenty if you know how to dance.

You're welcome.

Do you have any wild dance-romance stories?

Comment below and share with us!

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