Inside STEEZY: Our New Backdrop... is LIT.

Inside Steezy Studio

Inside STEEZY: Our New Backdrop... is LIT.

Jessie Ma
January 23, 2024
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The STEEZY HQ glo-up continues!

In the early years, before we had an office, the STEEZY Team would daydream of having something that branded our space.

You know, a mural or a sign or a backdrop or an anything that said "This is us! THIS is STEEZY."  

But we'd mostly just throw out outlandish ideas because actually getting something like that... felt too far away.

Years later, we got our own office. Then we made that office more than double in size.

It felt like time.We hit up our friend Nas Oh, a production designer in LA, to work his magic...

And through his magic, we saw the shapeless, imaginary, 4.5-year-old-daydream turn into something real.

Scroll down to see the process of creating the backdrop– all the way from Connor's notebook sketches to the finished product!

Ain't she a beaut??

Thank you to Nas and his team for making our dreams come true.

We can't wait to create more beautiful things in this space with this litty sign shining behind us.