How To Make The Most Out Of Your Dance Camp Experience

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How To Make The Most Out Of Your Dance Camp Experience

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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So! You’re going to a dance camp intensive extravaganza trip thingy, hooray!! *catches breath*

Once you’ve settled own from all the excitement, you’ll need to start planning in order to get ALL the knowledge, growth, inspiration, and FUN possible from the experience.

This guide will help you do just that, my dear dance camp attendee!

Planning Checklist

Confirm registration for camp

Double check your email for your registration confirmation for the dance camp (and print it, if you want to be extra safe)!

The last thing you want is to show up and realize there was an error.

Pro tip: For Misfit Dance Camp, you can get $50 off by using the promo code “STEEZY”!

Read the fine print

Know exactly what classes you’re eligible to take, exactly what the restrictions and rules are, exactly what extra things you can get from the experience.

Maybe there’s a processing fee? A meet and greet? A free lunch or T-shirt giveaway?

For example, if you opt for the Black or VIP Access for Misfit Dance Camp, you get extra one on one time with every MDC staff choreographer on a daily basis and an exclusive invite to a formal gala, where you can get EVEN MORE time with choreographers (and witness exhibition performances.)

Book flights / Rent car

Make sure your commute there is airtight! Don't leave room for any hiccups right before you’re about to leave.

Book hotel / AirBnB or confirm with friend you’re staying with

Double check on those lodging plans and pre-load all the directions you need to get there.

You can get a discounted rate at Misfit Dance Camp’s host hotel, the Westin Houstin in Memorial City.

The hotel is attached to the Galleria, where you can conveniently shop and dine at the food court!

Check your phone’s roaming plan

If you’re going out of the country, then your phone plan might charge for international roaming.

And those fees rack up quick! Call your provider to see what plans are available for your stay – or, opt to rely on wifi.

dance camp

Packing Checklist

Here are some packing tips for dance camp trips:

1. Pack your clothes by outfit

If you just take a bunch of tops and bottoms, then it’ll be hard to decide on your outfit when you’re there and have a million other things to think about.

Make those choices beforehand by putting together an entire outfit, taking it off, then pack them together.

I usually roll everything in my bottoms (leggings, sweats, or jeans) and stick a post-it on it with what outfit it is ("Friday class" / "Tuesday airport").

2. Pack extra pairs socks – a LOT of them

YOU CAN NEVER HAVE ENOUGH SOCKS. Especially when you’ll be dancing and sweating in them.

Change ‘em out between classes if you want that extra freshness…

It’d sock to be stinkin’ up the whole dance camp! When packing, stuff ‘em into your extra shoes to save space.

Stick a sheet of fabric softener in there, too, to keep it smelling fresh and clean~~

3. For contact lens wearers – ALWAYS TAKE AN EXTRA PAIR

This is a must for any trip or big event! I’ve been stuck on trips where I ripped a contact and had to see out of one eye the rest of the time.

I’ve also been in a workshop where one FELL OUT and got lost, and I had to dance with my glasses (which some people are fine with, but I was not used to.)

In any case, make like a boyscout and “Always Be Prepared” with an extra set.

4. Take an extra duffel bag IN your main bag

Doesn’t it always seem like your luggage somehow doubles itself during a trip???

Especially during dance camps – you’ll probably come out of it with 4 new shirts, 2 hats, and a water bottle that cannot fit in your already-jammed suitcase.

Pack in an empty duffel bag or backpack IN your suitcase on the way there so you can:

1) use it to take extra clothes, wallet, water as you take class

2) pack in whatever extra items you accumulated for way back

dance camp

Workshop Tips

Don’t feel like you have to take every single class at the dance camp.

Instead, strategize and plan your class taking schedule to get the most quality from each class you do take.

Utilize these tips in each class: How To Get The Most Out Of Dance Class

The schedule for Misfit Dance Camp is designed so that each day you start off with a meet and greet, take 2 classes, take a lunch break, and take another 2 classes.

It will be intensive and tiring – we encourage you to push, but not overexert yourself.

Networking Tips

The cool thing about these dance camps is that everyone is super, super passionate about dance – otherwise, they wouldn’t be there.

Get more insight on How To Build A Network In The Dance Community, wherever you are!

Be open! Initiate introductions. Give compliments. Ask questions.

A genuine desire to get to know other dancers will make forming these connections a piece of cake.

You’ll learn so much about dancers of all ages and backgrounds, as well as their respective communities, cultures, and styles.

The coolest part is that you’ll come out of the experience with homies in different parts of the country or world~

Who knows, maybe you’ll visit their hometown for your next dance adventure!

Whichever dance camp you attend, these tips will help you make the most out of your experience.

What are some things you learned from your dance camp experience? Leave a comment below to share!