18 New Years Dance Resolutions (That You Can Actually Keep)

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18 New Years Dance Resolutions (That You Can Actually Keep)

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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You know how gyms always get super crowded in January... then are empty by February? This is the curse of the New Year’s Resolution!

A lot of us don't even make any resolutions because they’re hard to keep.

But the key is to avoid making extreme resolutions and expecting some magical transformation. Instead, take baby steps toward your goals.

Here are 18 simple decisions you can start making this year to become a better dancer and a better person!

1. Focus on your health: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual

Health is everything. Make self-care a priority this year.

Invest in “me-time,” whether it’s physical therapy, eating right, connecting with your spirituality, sticking to a more regular sleeping pattern, a nice foam roller – whatever you need.

You can’t give back anything if you don’t give to yourself first!

Need a guide? How To Take Care Of Your Body As A Dancer

2. Set and stick to a “dance budget”

Training is awesome, but don’t blow half your paycheck on it! Allocate how much of your paycheck is going to dance classes.

If you’re on a team, then take competition fees, costumes, and money for gas into account as well.

Here are ways to train on a budget: 7 Cheap Ways To Become A Better Dancer

3. Give more compliments that you mean

It’s nice to give everyone a round of "Good job!”s, but it’s even nicer to take time out to compliment someone in detail.

If you see a dancer working hard and improving, then congratulate them! If someone inspires you, tell them! If someone taught you something new, thank them!

This type of sincerity can make you feel vulnerable. But once you start practicing it, you’ll see how amazing it feels for the receiver and for yourself!

Be a better dance friend overall: How To Cultivate Positive Relationships In The Dance Community

4. Dance outside of the studio more

We likey da studio. The smooth floors and giant mirrors are nice, so very nice. But dancing only in a studio can become limiting.

It can condition us to think we can dance only in this setting. The truth is that dance doesn’t depend on where you are. It’s about you!

It’s about what you feel, think, and hear. And that happens anywhere/everywhere!

So dance at a club, in the kitchen, in your car, at the grocery store – wherever you feel the urge to boogie.

5. Make complaining constructive

Language is so powerful. What you say has a way of becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So if you’re always complaining and saying negative things…

Well, things will stay negative.

6. Think constructively, instead.

“I never get blocked in the front” –> “How can I improve my performance during casting?”

“I can’t keep up in this class” –> “What classes would still push me without feeling impossible?”

“I’m don’t know anyone here” –> “I can’t wait to meet all these new people!”

Being solution-minded will allow you to turn whatever negative feeling into an opportunity to grow.

Need some help with this? 5 Ways Your Mindset Is Holding You Back As A Dancer (And How To Change It!)

7. Keep a dance log

Take a few minutes to write down how you’re dancing. List classes you've taken, pieces you’ve made, videos you’ve been in, etc.

It’ll provide an easy way to review how you’ve been training. Use Dropbox or a Google Drive folder or whatever works for you.

It's important to take inventory and reflect once in a while. This gives you more clarity on where you want to go, and how to get there.

And if you ever need to write a resume or make a reel – there’s your list of things to pull from.

8. Get to know someone new in the community

You can't be best friends with every single dancer out there, but you can make an effort to make a genuine connection with someone you’re not as close to.

Get to know someone in class by asking them questions about their life outside of dance.

Take your teammate out for lunch.

Chat with friends of friends at competitions.

You never know what’s out there if you don’t extend a hand!

Maybe they'll be one of... The 9 Best People In Any Dancer’s Life

9. Know when you need breaks and take them

The only thing worse than getting injured (or burnt out) is to keep damaging yourself by continuing to dance.

Your body and mind will know when it’s time for to take a break.

Don’t get anxious at the idea – instead, take some time off to rejuvenate yourself. After, you'll come back full throttle!

More surprising training tips: 5 Counter-Intuitive Concepts To Help You Become A Better Dancer

10. Put your phone away during class or rehearsal

The only way to ever appreciate what you have… is to be present. Check your feeds and messages later.

Unless it’s an emergency, keep your phone tucked away (or on airplane mode) at classes or rehearsals.

Don't be fake. Dancers On Instagram VS. Dancers In Real Life

11. Learn other skills to help you as a dancer

What is something that you wish you knew how to do, that could help you as a dancer?

Mixing music? Gymnastics? Capoeira?

Start learning these skills slowly, consistently.

Like dance cinematography! Behind The Dance Lens With Gerald Nonato And Jon Shih

12. Compare less, appreciate more

There’s so much talent in the dance community, that it’s easy to grow envious of others. But this doesn’t serve anyone.

It only dulls your passion and poisons your soul.

Instead, if you develop a spirit of appreciation, then you will find yourself being pushed by others’ successes instead of being daunted by them.

13. Listen to different types of music

Dance comes from music. So if you want to expand your taste for dance, widen your taste for music!

Try listening to a different radio station, explore playlists on Spotify, go through rabbit holes of peoples’ likes on SoundCloud.

There’s so much amazing music out there! And so much amazing movement to be discovered!

Be more thoughtful with your listening: What Is Dance Musicality?

14. Research history that matters to you

There’s nothing more humbling or motivating than knowing that you’re a part of something bigger than yourself.

Our dance community dates back decades and spans over the entire world. If this interests you, do your research and find out more.

If your team history interests you, then ask alumni to tell stories.

If you’re particularly curious about Chicago footwork in the 80’s – find out more about Chicago footwork in the 80’s! Chase the stories and styles that you connect to.

I guarantee this is going to make your dancing more meaningful and fulfilling.

Learn about the story of Open Style Choreography: The Evolution Of Our Global Dance Community

Or Popping: What Is Popping Dance?

Or House: What Is House Dance?

15. Say “Yes” to more things that are scary or uncomfortable

You don’t know what the future holds – and you’ll never know if you say “no” to everything. Don’t be so quick to reject opportunities that come your way.

Use your judgment, yes, but do not let fear hold you back. A music video? A new style? Entering a battle? An invitation to a project? Try it and see where it takes you!

Tell fear to take the backseat: Overcome Your Dance Fears And Live A Creative Life

16. Don’t beat yourself up over “failure”

Failure is a temporary setback, not a permanent state of being.

Whenever you feel defeated, remind yourself that your true test is not the situation you’re in, but how you react to that situation.

Like... How To Cope With Not Making Your “Dream” Dance Team

17. Say “Thank you” more often!

Happiness is born from gratitude. When you take into account all the ways that you’re thankful for dance, it creates an energy that only multiplies those joys! #BLESSED!

Some of the reasons: Why I’m Thankful To Be A Dancer

18. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALL WAYS – Have FUN dancing!!!!

Ugh, isn’t dancing just.. SO MUCH FREAKING FUN?! We can often forget what a gift dancing is. It’s easy to get caught up in stresses, insecurities, and obligations.

This year, let yourself REALLY REALLY FEEL the joy in movement that made you start dancing in the first place!

Read this for inspo! Why It’s More Important For Dance To FEEL Good, Than Look Good

These 18 small reminders are going to fuel your passion and work ethic as a dancer.

We cannot WAIT for what this new year holds!

Hope you are just as excited to keep growing with us :)

Happy 2018, STEEZY Nation!

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