ORG Camp Origins With David Nguyen

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ORG Camp Origins With David Nguyen

Alvina Ng
January 23, 2024
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Those who have taken ORG Camp (put together by The Organization) in the past can attest to this fact: ORG Camp is a safe haven for hungry dancers to immerse themselves in a positive, humble, learning environment. And if you’ve met or know David Nguyen, you can agree that the environment of ORG Camp is reflective of his humble and polite personality.

Originally named ‘Hip Hop Alive’, The Organization was formed out of the need David and his friends saw to provide a space for dancers who may not have the means to travel or pay for workshops to be able to dance. Having dealt with the struggles of monetary restrictions and busing to workshops - yet knowing how gratifying and inspiring taking class can be, David and friends wanted to provide the same opportunity to dancers in the Garden Grove area. But it is no exaggeration that Hip Hop Alive (HHA) came from humble origins.

From zero attendances for HHA workshops to feeling like misfits in the dance community, Hip Hop Alive was constantly given tests of resilience to establish themselves in the dance community. In 2010, a less-than-ideal performance with HHA served as a catalyst and wake-up call for David. He felt disappointed in himself and in his leadership ability, and that year, HHA was close to meeting its end as a team. Fortunately, all HHA dancers had faith in the team’s potential, so instead of disbanding, Hip Hop Alive rebranded itself to become The Organization, as a tabula rasa of sorts.

This time around, David was wholeheartedly determined for The Organization to succeed. Since its reinvigoration, ORG grew in numbers and gained a rightful place in the dance community as a junior team many young dancers looked up to. For David, one of the most memorable, gratifying moments he remembers on ORG is working with such talented people who all just wished to make a name out there for the team. And reaching that goal, David would like to emphasize, is predominantly due to his team mates:

“It’s definitely not a one-man job - everything the ORG has built up to is because of its members, directors, and guest choreographers, they’re all priceless in terms of their selfless and dedicated contributions. Everything from set ideas, staging choreography, workshops...everything is a collaborative process.”

Acknowledging the responsibilities of adulthood however, David eventually made the difficult decision to disband the team. And now, although ORG has been disbanded for almost a year, ORG has and will continue to reunite each winter and summer to host ORG Camp. For the team, ORG Camp is a joyous time to reconnect and dance together, just like old times.

As for what ORG Camp can offer dancers, David still sees ORG Camp as a place of humble means and does not for one moment take for granted the eager learners and talented choreographers that have come out to support ORG workshops. The mission statement for ORG Camp is simple: make dance accessible by providing premier dance workshops with affordable prices, and taking all net proceeds to donate to charity. Since David can empathize with shy dancers, he strives to brand ORG Camp as a hospitable place as possible by pushing ORG members to be welcoming and providing a nurturing environment for dancers to grow and be themselves.

True to the mantra of dancers (or any ambitious individual for that matter), David believes there is always room for improvement, but also recognizes how awe-inspiring it is to see how passionate dancers are, and seeing them return to ORG Camp is a great opportunity for him to exceed their expectations. Thankful for those who have put faith in the program, David is cognizant that these are the people who allow him to understand why he’s doing what he’s doing.

“There is one dancer in particular who told us he really respects our mission, and would register for all our dance programs even if he didn’t take class, just to ensure ORG Camp continues for future generations. I’ve always tried to push the money back to him, but he was always adamant on having us keep it, and it means so much to me”.

With a disbanded team that is still very much faithfully involved and dedicated to the mission statement of The Organization, ORG has definitely become the warm learning environment David envisioned, cultivated from humble beginnings.

Register for ORG Camp here! Registration for ORG Camp will open Sunday July 13th  6:00P.M. PDT.  Pre sale prices are limited, and will be given out to the first 25 registrants of each program Advanced A, Advanced B, and Beginners, creating a total of 75 presale slots available for all three programs. Presale registration will include a complimentary ORG Stainless Steel 26oz. BPA Free Water Bottle. Advanced prices are $50 presale, $55 regular, and $25 two-class drop in. Beginner Prices are $40 presale, $45 regular, and $15 two-class drop in.

What were some of your memorable moments at ORG Camp? Leave a comment to share with us below! Want to make sure you're fully prepared for these amazing classes? Learn to train your musicality here!