12-Week Dance Training Intensive On STEEZY Studio

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12-Week Dance Training Intensive On STEEZY Studio

Jessie Ma
January 23, 2024
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So! You've signed up for a free STEEZY Studio account! You're stoked to have access to all these dope classes from all these dope choreographers..BUT! With so many options, comes great indecision. If you wanna just jump into your favorite choreographer's class, be our guest! Take 'em all, take a few, whatever, however you want.

But if you're not sure where to start, we've crafted a class-taking guide for you to structure your STEEZY Studio training in the most effective way. Ready for 12 weeks of intense dance training? Look no further – here's your ultimate guide to training with STEEZY Studio.

How To Take A STEEZY Studio Class

Before we jump into the different classes you can start with, let's talk about how to optimize each class experience for your growth.

Learn Choreography

Pick a class, any class. Or the ones that we outlined in this guide. Learn the choreography on STEEZY Studio.


  • You can review to sections you're having trouble with by simply jumping back to that section using the bar on the right hand side
  • Utilize the 15-second rewind and 15-second fast-forward buttons for quick navigation
  • Make sure you're studying the movement from all sides with the "switch to front" and "switch to back" view buttons

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Clean Yourself

After you learn the piece, go over the notes that the choreographer emphasized and make sure you're executing as "clean"ly as you can.


  • Scrutinize your angles and pictures with a mirror, then practice doing the piece without a mirror and mimicking the same feeling that your muscles; even without a mirror you'll know how you're looking, through muscle memory
  • It's important to drill the piece after you've spent some time cleaning, in order for the right moves to get ingrained

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Polish Your Performance

This is the fun part! Add some more feeling, more soul, more facials, and more YOU in your execution.


  • Try listening to the song, any part of it (even the parts that are not used in the piece) and freestyle to it
  • This will help you put into action how you interpret the song
  • When you perform the piece, get the choreographer's vision across with the moves, but with the interpretation from your freestyle

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Record And Share

Did you know? All STEEZY Studio members are a part of a secret (shhh~) Facebook group where we share our pieces, ask for advice, talk about our communities, and just get to know each other!

But perhaps the most important function of the group is that it allows us to update each other on our progress. It's this cute cyber-community where you can get critiques, encouragement, and recognition for the work you're putting in as a dancer through STEEZY Studio and beyond.

We recommend recording footage of you doing the piece you learned (smart phone camera quality is totally A-OK) and sharing it with the group.

Not only is the act of sharing in itself admirable, it forces you out of your comfort zone because now you're performing for a group of other people – people who care and will hold you accountable for your growth.

Perfect Your Performance

After receiving notes from a number of our very involved STEEZY Studio members, apply those to your execution and performance. Record the video again, so that you can see how you've improved since the last recording.

You may never be completely satisfied with how you did in a particular class, but if you can be proud of it, move on to the next class and repeat this process.

Now, let's get into the STEEZY Studio intensive:

STEEZY STUDIO, WEEK 1: Beginner / Intermediate Classes

Even if you're not, but especially if you are a beginner, it's imperative to start with beginner classes.

These classes are less about fast/intricate choreography, and focus more on dancing full.. while enjoying the movement.

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Our beginner and intermediate classes are challenging without being overwhelming, and will teach you how to dance with your whole body.

Pick 1-2 of these STEEZY Studio classes:

  • Danny V. Batimana – "Happiness Is Now"
  • David Lee  – "Lean On"
  • Clay Boonthanakit – "Star Wars (Ookay Remix)"
  • Markus Pe Benito – "She Likes"

STEEZY STUDIO, WEEK 2: Grounded And Grimy

These pieces will make you wanna put on a snapback, wear all black, and channel your baddie alter ego.

These pieces require you to be grounded to the floor, with a lot of old school hip hop vibes.

Focus on your demeanor, your posture, and dancing with your entire body. Oh, and on "You"

Pick 1-2 of these STEEZY Studio classes:

  • Gina Hong – "Focused On You"
  • TJ Medallo – "Lay Up"

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Let's add some groove and funk to the mix!

These songs will make you wanna get up and dance – good thing we have some choreo prepared for you already.

Pick 1-2 of these STEEZY Studio classes:

  • Chris Redoble – "I Got You"
  • Carlo Darang – "She Came To Give It To You"


For such simple looking movement, isolation require a lot of things: patience, timing, body control, energy distribution, and more.

Although you might be sweating up a storm by the end of these pieces, your brain will be pushed.

Think of these classes as a test of your mental strength as a dancer. You'll be saying "Iso challenged rn.."

Pick 1-2 of these STEEZY Studio classes:

  • Tony Tran – "Let In The Light"
  • Charles Nguyen – "Runaway (U&I)"

STEEZY STUDIO, WEEK 5: Smooth And Sexy

Mmmmm these gentlemen can slow it down and speed it up at the same time.

These pieces are going to require a lot of precision and speed, but with the texture of honey.

Pick 1-2 of these STEEZY Studio classes:

  • Lawrence Devera – "How Many Drinks"
  • Paul Ross – "Y.A.S."

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STEEZY STUDIO, WEEK 6: Break And Reflect

As tempting as it could be to take all the classes all the time, overtraining can be more detrimental than undertraining.

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Take a break in the middle of our intensive to reflect on the goals you've set, the progress you've made, and how you're feeling. Physically, mentally, etc.

Are you happy with your growth so far? Are the methods you're using proving to be effective? What do you think you need more focus on as a dancer? Are you feeling any injuries coming on?

This week is for your personal check-in, as well as to let your body rest and recover from all the soreness!

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The beauty's all in the details, right?

Get nit-picky with your music! Learn how these choreographers portray those sounds with intricate, specific movements.

You may have to review and clean these pieces more than others, but the illusions and effects are well worth it.

Pick 1-2 of these STEEZY Studio classes:

  • Paul Ross – "Falling"
  • Franklin Yu – "Farewell (Tungtwist Remix)"

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The past 2 months of dancing should have built up your strength by this point!

Use it for these pieces – they're powerful and hard-hitting.

Pick 1-2 of these STEEZY Studio classes:

  • David Lee – "Throw Sum Mo"
  • Bam Martin – "Bust Ya Head Open"


Markus and Scott both have incredible control over their movements, while being able to incorporate swag and groove into it.

That's the challenge with these classes: multi-tasking, or quick adaptations between strict control / letting go.

Pick 1-2 of these STEEZY Studio classes:

  • Markus Pe Benito – "We Rare"
  • Scott Forsyth – "This Is How We Do"

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STEEZY STUDIO, WEEK 10: Performance

Ready to turn choreography into a performance?

These songs and pieces are so fun and character-filled, that you'll be smiling, smizing, giving life through how the music makes you feel.

Don't forget about the choreography, of course, but remember that dance is about having fun! So have fun with these classes :)

Pick 1-2 of these STEEZY Studio classes:

  • Jeffrey Caluag – "The Bounce"
  • Melvin Timtim – "She Twerkin'"

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Yes, footwork is challenging. But we gotta.. keep you on your toes ;)

These classes will require a lot of energy, as your legs are going to be making you travel a lot, while requiring focus on your upper body for details.

Ready for some cardio?

Pick 1-2 of these STEEZY Studio classes:

  • Devin Pornel – "Zero"
  • Bam Martin – "Show Me Love"

STEEZY STUDIO, WEEK 12: Challenge Yourself

All right, we're about to wrap up our intensive with the most intense of classes..

Jawn's and Sorah's pieces are very different, but what they do have in common is their level of difficulty and challenge.

Not only are they both long, and challenge your ability to retain movements, they are both fast, dynamic, and powerful.

It's time to incorporate everything you've learned for the past 3 months on STEEZY Studio and deliver with these pieces!

Pick 1-2 of these STEEZY Studio classes:

  • Jawn Ha – "Skank"
  • Sorah Yang – "Like A Boy"

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It's a long and dense training circuit, but if you do follow this structure of taking class and stay consistent with your schedule, you'll see a definite jump in your execution, performance, and confidence as a dancer.

We can't wait to see your progress on STEEZY Studio! Make sure to sign up for a FREE account and get started on your journey to becoming a better dancer!