The 9 Best People In Any Dancer's Life

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The 9 Best People In Any Dancer's Life

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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We meet SO many people along our dance journeys that enrich our lives in one way or another.

But within this community of awesome people, there are few MVPs that stand out.

Here’s a list of those special dancers who have taught us something, helped us somehow, or just come in clutch at a time we needed.

Thank you based-god for these 9 based-angels in dance!

1. The Choreographer You Took Your FIRST Class From

The 9 Best People In Any Dancers Life FB

You probably remember this class... no, this whole experience more vividly than most others. I mean, it was where your dancer-self was born!

Inevitably, the person who taught you your first piece remains unforgettable.

If you ran into this choreographer in another time (and felt ballsy), then you probably said something along the lines of “Oh my god! I took my first class from you!”

Or, the two of you became really good friends and continued to dance together.

However your relationship developed from there, you’re forever thankful for your dance class cherry-popper.

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2. The Dance Team Director With A Fearless Vision

The 9 Best People In Any Dancers Life FB

This leader is a bomb dancer. A staging mastermind. And most likely a good public speaker.

Upon first meeting they were probably a bit intimidating – just because they’re so talented and well-respected.

But you quickly find that what makes them great is that they’re not intimidating at all. They’re kind, helpful, and just... really cool.

Through being a great team leader and great person, this person inspired you to become better as well.

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3. The Dancer Friend Who Loves Giving Massages

The 9 Best People In Any Dancers Life FB

ALL dancers could use a massage, like 25/8.

So this person, with their magic hands, comes in clutch whenever you feel especially knotty.

They usually say things like: ”Ah you’re so tense. You feel that knot? Does this hurt? Oooh, massage train!”

Which usually does start a massage train. And everyone wins. *moans*

Unofficial (& unlicensed) masseuse, you are loved.

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4. Alumni Who Continue To Give Unconditional, Undying Support

The 9 Best People In Any Dancers Life FB

They’re so cute – loyally showing their support by coming to set preview nights and caravaning to competitions together.

They talk about the good ol’ days on the team, give constructive criticism, and shower current members in props and praise.

You’re thankful for your alumni because these are the people you looked up to before you made the team.

After joining the team, they were the dancers you learned from, grew with, and came to view as family.

It’s reassuring and heartwarming to know that you have their support even after they quit the team.

Thank you, roots! You are family forever.

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5. The Choreographer God Who Is Super Down To Earth IRL

The 9 Best People In Any Dancers Life FB

For dancers, there is little separation between a dancer and their dancing.

When you fangirl/boy over someone’s dancing, you can’t not fangirl/boy over them as a person, too.

So when you have a dance crush, you fantasize about the kind of person they are.

You follow all their social channels and get nervous at the idea of coming face to face with them.

When you do finally meet this choreographer in person, you’re pleasantly surprised at how human they are.

You feel kinda silly for even trippin’ because you realize that the dancers we idolize are just people, too. Really cool people.

You remember how friendly and down to earth they were, and this just makes you like them even more. In a more genuine way.

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6. The DJ Who Cuts Your Music For Every Performance


This dancer has a cool DJ alter ego, a SoundCloud profile, and a top knot / man bun.

They’ve always been extra into music, even amongst a community of dancers who inherently love music.

They’re amazing because they use their interest and talents to give back to the community.

Whether it’s remixing a song or putting together a whole set, they generously offer their talents as the resident DJ.

And side note – cutting / mixing / producing music takes forever, and these DJs they rarely get due credit for all their hard work.

...Until now, that is! Thank you so much!

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7. The Gracious Studio Owner

The 9 Best People In Any Dancers Life FB

Taking dance classes is such an integral part in any dancer’s training. And it wouldn’t be possible to do if not for the selfless studio owners who provide that space.

Running a studio is a lot of work. Often thankless work. But you recognize and appreciate every bit of sweat and sacrifice!

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8. The Dancer Who Introduced You To Dance History

The 9 Best People In Any Dancers Life FB

It’s always a challenge to explain to others what “Urban Dance Choreography” exactly is.

On one hand, there’s HIP HOP hip hop, and then there’s the “collegiate” / “competition” scene that most of us are a part of.

The two have cultures that aren’t necessarily separate, but are definitely not the same.

When you’re first entering the world of urban dance, it’s difficult to find the resources that’d educate you on the actual history of hip hop dance.

It’s rare to even realize on your own that what we do comes from a deeper place.

But if there was that one person who enlightened you to it all, someone who stirred up a curiosity to discover more – you are forever grateful for them.

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9. The Dancer Who Gave You Props When You Happened To Feel Extra Insecure That Day

The 9 Best People In Any Dancers Life FB

No matter where you are in your dance journey, there will be good days... and there will be bad days.

Maybe you did poorly in casting.

You felt defeated after a hard class. You didn’t make it on to your dream dance team. You showcased a piece you weren’t 1000% confident about.

In these times of vulnerability, a simple “Hey, great job today!” or a fire emoji comment on your Instagram video is everything.

Small gestures, even ones in passing, have the power to completely change someone’s mood and mindset.

You thank these random perpetrators of kindness and affirmation for making you feel a bit safer about being vulnerable.

Who are you thankful for in your dance journey? Share this article with them!

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