The Best Way To Clean Your Dance Team Without Mirrors!

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The Best Way To Clean Your Dance Team Without Mirrors!

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Wanna clean your dance team, but don't have any mirrors?


Here's how it works:

1. Split your team into groups

For example, number everyone off into 4 groups (as you would in a class).

2. Assign each person a "cleaning buddy" from a different group

For example, if I'm in Group 1 – I'd get paired with Billy from Group 2 as my cleaning buddy.

3. Then have each group do the ENTIRE SET (or piece) in front of everyone

It doesn't matter if a piece in a set only has 1 person from that group up – guess they're doin' a solo!!

As the group is dancing, their cleaning buddies should be watching to give notes.

4. Give the watching cleaning buddy 10 minutes to clean their partner

After that run through, the cleaning buddy gives cleaning notes for 10 minutes.

For example, if I just went up with Group 1, Billy would be like, "Yo Jessie your angles were off af. Here, do this."

5. Go through all the groups until everyone has been "cleaned" by their buddy

When Billy goes up with Group 2, I watch him and take notes.

After he's done, I clean him for 10 minutes.

Once the team's gone through all the groups,

6. Have the entire team do a run-through with their new notes in mind!

It should be much, much cleaner than before.


Just kidding, it's not about winning. It's about the bonding. Which, this activity does also help with. YEAH!

Watch this video for more tips on being a cleaner dancer!