The Dancer's Holiday Gift Guide For 2014

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The Dancer's Holiday Gift Guide For 2014

Christina Kim
January 23, 2024
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With the holidays just around the corner, you start to make a list of your friends who haven't been that naughty this year when you realize that all of your friends are dancers. This is most likely due to the fact that you spend 25 hours a day practicing, FB messaging, texting, or hanging out with your teammates, but who's judging? Like Oprah, I have made a list of my favorite things - dancer edition, obviously - that'll be both thoughtful AND useful!


1. Pair of Sweats!

Are Chachi pants still a thing? Are Empires still Urban, or have they gone more suburban? Are crotches still dropping? Are swacks slacking or what?

From Urban Empire to Contour Hooligan to Cotton On, you won't need to break a sweat when you're finding great legwear for the homies!

2. Pair of Leggings / Compression Shorts / Meggings / Tights!

Guys are finally beginning to catch on to the comfort of spandex that the ladies have been rocking for years. Leggings and spanks are a girl's best friend - no pants, no problems. Under Armour

and Nike

have great selections, but fellas, you can ask for women's leggings for a fraction of the cost. I promise I won't tell anyone except for everyone.

3.  Watch!

... for the teammates who always show up late for practice, for call time, for the pregame, for life in general. With a watch, you can slightly hint at them that punctuality isn't necessarily their strongest attribute in life. A Baby-G will let her know that she's your Baby-Girl... and will also let her know that practice is at 7, NOT 7:20.

4. IOU to one competition/team shirt!

Every competition makes new shirts or sweaters each year, and sometimes, you want to cop it but you don't want to drop that $30-40. Your life gets slightly more difficult and you don't know whether to get the competition gear and just eat McDonalds for lunch or not get the gear and... still eat McDonalds for lunch because the dancer's life is a poor life.

The dance season is just getting started - we have a lot more competitions coming up, so what better way to ensure a gift for your dancer friend than an IOU for competition souvenirs? And to support the community, the IOU can extend to other teams' gear, like GRV!

5.  Pair of Shoes!

From beat up rehearsal Vans to clean studio Chucks to performance combat boots, dancers are in the top percentile of consumers in the shoe industry (source: my brain). Depending on your budget, you can provide your friends with a variety of shoes! The classic Converse Chucks

or a pair of Vans Authentic

are the reliable shoes from rehearsal to performance. If you're a bit more of a baller, Nike Roshes

, Flyknits

, and Free Runs

are all sorts of comfy! And ladies can never have enough pairs of black combat boots, but the boots don't stop there - cry me a river cause this just in: Timberlands are still cool (see what I did there)!

*TIPS FOR THE LADIES*If your feet are small enough, you can always opt on buying shoes (especially Nikes) in the kids sizes! They have the same fit and are relatively cheaper!

6. Hat!

You can't go wrong with any type of head wear! Beanies look fantastic on any gender, providing warmth as well as a certain hipster/hot dancer vibe - the guy with the slouchey beanie clearly enjoys drinking tea (not coffee) and looks great in olive green anything. He probably likes cats but he might cheat on you, but beggars can't be choosers, AM I RIGHT?! No?! Yikes.

Fedoras are fedorable on some, fehorrible on others - please choose wisely. This also applies to the newsboy hat. The fedora guy and newsboy hat guy are probably friends with each other and vibe on either their incredibly ridiculous humor or on their chill and mellow personalities. They probably are big supporters of each others' newest workshop/concept videos, but don't hang out as much in person as they do on FaceBook. Bucket hats are the cool and trendy thing to wear, #swag. And of course, there will always be a place in the hip hop fashion's heart for snap backs, fitteds, and five panels.

7. A family-pack of Gatorade! quench the thurst of your single dance friends. You know who they are.

8. Portable speaker!

For that friend who would rather session in a parking lot than go out on a Friday night, the portable speaker is a perfect option! Beats by Dre has their Speaker Pill

, and you can find other reasonably priced mini speakers elsewhere. A great budget friendly alternative is the Logitech Ultimate Ears Mini

($70 on Amazon!). Or you can be really crafty and DIY it - cost efficient, thoughtful, AND Pinterest worthy!

9. Pair of headphones!

Although portable speakers are fantastic, sometimes you don't want to walk to class with them playing music from your backpack (maybe that's just me). A great pair of headphones is perfect for that dancer friend of yours who doesn't know how to walk normally and always has to be marking a piece ever so subtly. Beats by Dre

can be pricey, and the key to a good pair of headphones is that they don't fall off your head/out of your ears. In ear headphones are a GREAT gift for anyone who likes to move. These SOL REPUBLIC In-Ear Headphones

are comfy and guaranteed to stay in your ears.

10. A protractor!

To let that friend know to work on her angles because after watching the video from The Bridge? Yikes. Homegirl needs to know that the BACK LINE MATTERS ESPECIALLY WHEN THE JUDGES ARE IN THE BALCONY OK. WE SEE YOU.

11. Dance Classes. Duh.

Whether it's a Movement Lifestyle class card, a Snowglobe or Org Camp dance workshop, or any other form of dance class in your area, nothing says "I love you as a dancer" like telling them they can be a better dancer. *Hint hint*. Just kidding? But really. Classes are expensive and we want to train.Whether you're shopping for your dancer (wo)manfriend, your opposite, or your lifelong best friend that you met because you joined the team, have a happy holiday season and remember that it's the thought that counts!

Do you have any other ideas on what to get your fellow dancer friends? Want us to keep sharing dope gear? Leave a comment and let us know below!Other than these holiday gifts, here are other small pleasures only dancers would know!