The Sexual Tension Is Real For Dancers

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The Sexual Tension Is Real For Dancers

Jessie Ma
January 23, 2024
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Dancing is sexy. Dancers are sexy. No arguments there. I mean – you're using your body to make stuff. To music. Like unf, amirite. So naturally, there will be situations where things get a little.. hot 🔥🔥🔥They may not be the most comfortable things to talk about, so... I'm gonna do it for you! Keep reading to see what sexy moments us dancers experience! (Disclaimer: you may get mildly turned on. Proceed with caution.)

1. When you get casted for a partner piece with someone you've always had a thing for

TYSM BASED CHOREOGRAPHER!!! Now, to figure out how not to be super awkward... And how to kill the piece.......And get a great coupley-looking action shot to use in the slideshow at your wedding in a few years.Hehe.

2. When you get casted for a partner piece with someone... who has a bf or gf.

It's just dancing! You have to be professional about it! We're all playing a role! Right? Welllll...You can be super professional and detached, but like c'mon. You're getting really intimate with someone else's significant other. It kinda sucks cuz you know that if your bae was dancing this close to someone else, you'd feel at least a little bit uncomfortable. So even if you wanna get into the ~FEELz~ of the piece but it's just. like.Should I..... feel bad?? I'm sorry?????

3. When the choreographer busts out another 6 eight counts that they didn't get to teach during the hip hop class and it's actually the most climactic and impressive and sexiest part of the piece?!?!


4. When guys change their sweaty shirts after class and your eyes casually wander over to their corner

You're slightly (pleasantly) surprised at how the ones that don't even look super buff are actually nicely cut.And if they have that Swimmer V-muscle toward the hoo-ha area, man oh man... *fans self*And hey, don't judge – it's not like they're trying that hard to hide, ok?!

5. When girls' short shorts are dangerously short

And you can see the bottom of their butts jiggle.It's like "oh dear, I don't want to look, but like....I'm gonna look."

6. After you take class from the heartthrob choreographer and get through the line of 39847 other fangirls to thank them

Did I say "Thanks for class!"??I meant "Thank you for blessing me with your presence, I follow you on the internet religiously and have already named our children hahahaha can I get a picture?"

7. When the dancers you only ever see in sweats & tshirts actually dress up (i.e. banquets, fancy parties) and turns out.. they clean up real nice

What the – is that our team?Girls with their faces beat, heels on, hair did..Guys in pants that have buttons. BUTTONS!!Amazing. Just amazinggg, how a bit of primping can totally transform dancers from Adidas tracksuit wearing sweaty balls of flesh, to red-carpet ready models.No wonder we take so many photos on these rare, glamorous occasions! (Or we just take a lot of photos in general..)

8. Yoga pants or compression pants

On either gender. They just make your legs and booty look so yummy. :PEACH EMOJI:

9. When you go to a dance workshop, class, event, whatever... and run into your ex....And your ex's ex. And your current boyfriend's ex. And their now-boyfriend's ex's ex's ex. And so on.

Cuz you know. We all date each other.HAHAHAHA IT'S OK JUST LAUGH ABOUT IT

10. When you hook up with a teammate during retreat

But realize it was a hookup and only a hookup.. which makes you worry about how this will affect the dynamic of your relationship as teammates/friends.But hey it (what you remember) was hot. #worthit

11. When the most conservative girl on the team starts killin' the sexy ratchet piece

Dance has a way of bringing the things out of people.For these moments we're just like, OKAAAAY, GURL!!!We knew you wuz a freak. Love it.

12. When the fellas on the team, who are like your BROTHERS.. become kinda sexy doing a smooth r&b piece.

Their bodies are speaking to you like "hey lil mama let me care for u; i can luv u right #subtleiso #bodyroll #angstyfacials" UGHHhHHUhUHUH WHO ARE YOU?!??!If I quit the team now, it's not teamcest, right???

SO THERE YA HAVE IT, 12 out of an endless list of sexual tension-filled moments as a dancer.But whether you find these experiences amusing, or just plain uncomfortable, you can't deny that they make things a teensy bit more interesting.Now go dance your pants off! *winky wink*Which of these situations do you identify with the most? Leave a comment below to share with us!

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This article was originally published on March 2, 2015.