The Ultimate Guide To Setting And Achieving Goals For Beginner Dancers

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The Ultimate Guide To Setting And Achieving Goals For Beginner Dancers

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Welcome back, dancers! In our first four Beginner Guides To Dance, we explored musicality,

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So you've made your first leaps into the world of dance. Congrats! Welcome!! Yayyyyyy!!!

Now, where do you go from here? Different dancers dance for different reasons, so let's talk about 4 different goals you can set for yourself and tips to help you reach them.

Dance Goal For Beginner Dancers, #1

Train In Different Styles Of Dance

How did your first class go? Was it challenging? Scary? Too easy? Just hard enough?

Your first dance class is quite a hallmark in your dance journey, but it's only one of many to come.

If versatility is your goal, keep exploring different classes at different studios.

Don't just take the same beginner class from the same choreographer week after week.

Make a list of specific styles or choreographers you want to train under. Schedule out when and where you can take those classes, and strategize a way to get the most variety as possible.

After a while, you'll be able to identify what you need extra help in. And you'll have a better sense of your own "style," based on the types of pieces you tend to enjoy most.

If you're looking for a structured training regiment that incorporates a lot of different styles, try our 12-week dance intensive! From grooves to popping to swaggy, we got 'em all: 12-Week Dance Training Intensive On STEEZY Studio

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Dance Goal For Beginner Dancers, #2

Level Up! Learn Advanced Choreography

If your goal is to be able to keep up with advanced choreography, set a hard date for the class you want to be able to take in a few months.

Til then, seek out classes that are more and more challenging as time goes on. From beginning classes, intermediate, to more advanced.

And after you take it, don't stop there! Keep challenging yourself with advanced classes – while you continue to train as a beginner. It'll push your choreo pickup and execution, while strengthening your foundation.

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Dance Goal For Beginner Dancers, #3

Get Involved In The Dance Community

It's nice to have a tribe of support for something that started as a personal journey.

So if you want to get to know your fellow dancers – take initiative!

Introduce yourself to the familiar faces you see in class. Definitely introduce yourself to the studio staff. Be vocal in classes, and ask other dancers where they're from / where they're going.

Not only that, attend dance shows, competitions, battles, and even team fundraisers. These events spur a lot of conversations, and give you a better vibe (aye) for what the culture is all about.

STEEZY Studio members connect with each other through our Facebook group – where we share videos, ask for tips, give critiques, and even arrange meet-ups!

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Dance Goal For Beginner Dancers, #4

Experience An Audition For A Team

Lots of us start dancing after watching a team perform. Whether it was on YouTube, or in person, these sets stirred something in us that pushed us to try it out.

Consequently, a lot of dancers' goals are to perform with a team, on a stage, at a show or competition.

If making it on to a team is your goal – and even if it isn't! – auditioning is a great experience that can teach you a lot of things.

It's going to call on you to pick up choreo quickly, in a crowded room, surrounded by other hungry dancers. You'll have to perform for a panel of judges, and maybe even freestyle.

The pressure might get nerve-wracking, but that's exactly why that experience is so valuable. It'll really test where you are as a dancer, and push you to be confident in your abilities.

Look into the dance teams in your area. Ask about auditions or private / mid year auditions if you missed the start of the season.

Even if you don't end up joining right away, it's great for the psyche to have a clear goal to aspire to.

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Another great way to train (especially for those who want to develop their confidence to perform over time) is to take class with STEEZY Studio!

You can take class from choreographers with tons of great insight and advice.. anywhere/anytime! Get a free account now!

We hope this helped you newer dancers be more motivated to stick around! Again, welcome, and we can't wait to share this journey with you!

Have any questions or additional tips? Comment below and share with us!