Ultimate Brawl: Who Won The Battle Of Distinction?

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Ultimate Brawl: Who Won The Battle Of Distinction?

Alvina Ng
January 23, 2024
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The Battle of Distinction was set on high heat last night, as teams left their hours of practice and sleepless nights on stage at the Fox Theater.

Of course, as UB tradition promises, plastered all over the battle grounds were Indiana Jones-themed posters of each performing team - expertly crafted, and easily a notable highlight of Ultimate Brawl that keeps the spirit of competition lighthearted and enthralling. Congratulations to all the teams that performed last night!

Here are videos from the top 3 teams from last night's competition: 1st Place: 220

2nd Place: Team Millennia

3rd Place: Common Ground

As always, thank you Gerald for your videos and for your speediness! We appreciate you and the work you do so much. Here's the whole playlist for other videosWhat theme do you think UB will bring to the table next year? I suggest The Lego Movie. Because everything is awesome.Curious about Ultimate Brawl's origin and the reasoning behind their themed competitions year after year? Click here to brush up on some UB history!