20 Dancer Terms That Don't Exist But Definitely Should

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20 Dancer Terms That Don't Exist But Definitely Should

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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There are dancer terms that all dancers use, like “8-count” or “tempo” or “select group.”

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But there are are some things that dancers experience that we don’t have a word for. So let’s make ‘em!

These terms are the perfect labels to describe the things you didn’t know how to describe before. You’ll wonder why you never thought of these yourself!

1. "Wait/weight count"

An 8-count where you THOUGHT the piece started, but it's one bar too early so you hav to wait another 8 count?

dancer terms

2. "Chell week"

The week after hell week & a show that's super chill, until you start rehearsals back up again?

dancer terms

3. "Lie-rics"

When the choreographer makes up their own lyrics to the song they're teaching to! ??

dancer terms

4. "Sextures"

Sexy textures ??

dancer terms

5. "Noncept video"

A "concept" video that doesn't really have a concept.. but plenty of film burns and light leaks ⚡️

dancer terms

6. "Preestyle"

The little freestyle you do before the piece starts ???

dancer terms

7. "Mempo"

Medium tempo ???

dancer terms

8. "Musikillity"

When you murder the beat ?

dancer terms

9. "Calmfidance"

The quality dancers exude when they're killing a piece – effortlessly ?

dancer terms

10. "Tendancey"

The habits you have when you dance, like a ? facial or broken wrists

dancer terms

11. "Careographing"

Choreographing in the car ?

dancer terms

12. "Pooping"

When your popping looks like sh*t ?

dancer terms

13. "Select bloop"

When you do fine while learning and regular groups, and totally mess up when you get called up for select group ?

dancer terms

14. "Compe-t-shirt"

The overpriced (but super dope) t-shirt you buy to commemorate having been at a certain competition ?

dancer terms

15. "Squadt"

When you wanna take a team pic and the front row's gotta squat down ?

dancer terms

16. "Side-pher"

When you're too shy to actually go in the cypher so you just groove out on the circumference ?

dancer terms

17. "Fauxcus"

When you fake a focus cuz you still want to peek at the mirror ?

dancer terms

18. "Dancer Goggles"

When someone looks super fine because they're a good dancer but you actually look at them and it's like oh. ??

dancer terms

"19. Pocket Up"

When you're cheering someone on to "f*ck it up" but in a way where they're still dancing in the pocket ?

20. "Supermarkit":

A mark anywhere from 90-99% ?

dancer terms

Yasss, now you have an arsenal of new dancer vocab to use! And the best part is – you probably won’t even have to explain what each of these mean.

Your dancer friends will intuitively catch on, because you finally put a word to the thing they were feeling all along!

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Which one of these will you start using? Can you think of a word to add to the list? Comment below and share with us!