VIBE Dance Competition 2017 Videos!

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VIBE Dance Competition 2017 Videos!

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Hello, videos from VIBE Dance Competition.

Goodbye, productivity.

If you couldn't make it out to VIBE last night, you've probably been following the show on social media in real-time.

And now, thanks to Vibrancy's MIND-BOGGLINGLY quick video skillz, you can see all the epic performances during your lunch break!

And if you DID get to watch the show in person, you probably still need to re-watch each performance 12 times in order to fully absorb the magic and catch all the moments you blinked and missed.

Here are the performance videos of the top 3 winners of VIBE Dance Comp:

Brotherhood (Vancouver), Choreo Cookies (San Diego), and The Company (Daly City),

as well of some of STEEZY's personal faves of the night! Enjoyyyyy~

[1st Place] Brotherhood | VIBE XXII 2017 [@VIBRVNCY 4K] #vibedancecomp

[2nd Place] Choreo Cookies | VIBE XXII 2017 @VIBRVNCY 4K #vibedancecomp

[3rd Place] The Company | VIBE XXII 2017 [@VIBRVNCY 4K] #vibedancecomp

Notable mentions!

GRV | VIBE XXII 2017 [@VIBRVNCY 4K] #vibedancecomp">GRV | VIBE XXII 2017 [@VIBRVNCY 4K] #vibedancecomp

ACA | VIBE XXII 2017 [@VIBRVNCY 4K] #vibedancecomp

Unvision | VIBE XXII 2017 [@VIBRVNCY 4K]

TLxWC | VIBE XXII 2017 [@VIBRVNCY 4K] #vibedancecomp

Seaweed Sisters | VIBE XXII 2017 [@VIBRVNCY 4K] #vibedancecomp

Miniotics | VIBE XXII 2017 [@VIBRVNCY 4K] #vibedancecomp

Media Coverage by VIBRVNCYFilmed by Eryn Aquino & Edited by Gerald Nonato





Featured image from VIBE Dance Competition's Facebook page.