What Really Happens To Muggles On Dance Competition Days

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What Really Happens To Muggles On Dance Competition Days

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Welcome to the magical world of dance competitions – where time slows down and speeds up, friendships are sparked, and the Triwizard cup is awarded to one special team.

But that's not all there is to it. We've spelled out an account of what really happens to dancers on competition days, a candid account.. riddled with puns.

]If you're ready to have some con-fun-dus, turn to page 514 of your textbooks, and read.

So you overslept because there was STILL rehearsal the night before the competition.

You wake up in a rush, thinking "don't be late, Dobby late!!" and do a quick double check of the duffel bag you packed the night before, like the responsible dancer you are.

But of course you're still late, and so is everyone else..

I mean, who can blame you? Call time was something riddikkulus like 6 am.

All good though! Once you get your Starbucks coffee / McDonald's breakfasts, you and the squad meet up at the venue's Gryffin-doors, ready to check in.

But that's also when everyone gets distracted by owl the friends from other teams you run into!

It's just a Seamus that you can't stop to chat for longer. You settle for a hug and hello before scurrying back to your own teams.

dance competition

Your team finds your "area," and you get settled in. Stretch a little, take a picture with your lanyard, the usual.

Before you know it, it's already time for tech.

You secretly hope that other teams are watching in the audience, because it just makes it a little more fun.

But if not, like whatever.

You remind yourself that the purpose of tech is to check for formations and get a feel for the stage...

Yeah yeah, get your head in the game.

But you can't help but Azk-aban "where is that cute guy from that one team tho? Really want him to see my solo."

dance competition

Then your director interrupts your daydream with a "LINES! LINES!! PERIPHERALS!!!"

You check where you are on stage: front, b-accio, DiagonAlley, and look for tape markings to help remember where you're supposed to be.

After tech, the team gather for notes outside.

A part of you's like "oh shoot, I messed up a lot..."

dance competition

"..but honestly like, that floor is extra slippery..."

It's okay. You make it your ghoul to remember the directors' notes. That, and to not slip on stage.

After the team regroup, it's finally time to chill / get food / nap / socialize.

You decide to walk to the nearest plaza with some teammates and treat yourself to a nice lunch, cuz it's a special day, you're in a good Moody, and

But you immediately regret eating such a big potion of food, because as soon as you get back, it's time to practice.

You reach a point where you're cleaning and drilling so much, that you think "Are you Sirius? At some point all this practicing gets counterproductive, cuz I'm beat.."

Not just from the day, but from the entire 2 weeks leading up to it. Why do we need to practice AlohoMOREa??

It gets more intense, especially because people keep messing around – which is one of the directors pet Peeves. Especially so close to showtime.

But finally, they decide that you've rehearsed enough, and it's time to start getting ready.

dance competition

but really, you're not.

You gotta really focus now, getting your costume, hair, makeup on point.

You didn't bring hairspray, bobby pins, safety pins, or a belt, so you find some clutch friends to Burrow from. Thanks boys and Goyles.

And as always, the Mirrors of Erised are all crowded, so you just trust that you look good enough.

Plus, now everyone's starting to take pictures – you can't be missing out on that!

And taking pictures for dancers is like, a whole mission, because we don't just smile in pictures. We do the absolute Lu-MOST in poses, facials, etc.,

But hey, ain't nothin Ron with that! I mean, what else would you have to post on Instagram?

After a good amount of camera-whoring, the team gets back together for some pre-show rituals.

You're circled up, in some Lestrange, shady area (most likely a parking structure or alley – I mean, it's hard to find a Privet place with hundreds of dancers around).

You start sharing Percy-nal thoughts & feels, and saying thank yous to individual teammates.

You find your director and thank them for being such a good deMentor,

dance competition

..when your runner, literally runs to come get you – the show's running "ahead of schedule, you're in the hole now!!"

You giggle a bit at the phrase, then realize "oh sh!#, we gotta go!"

Everyone scurries over to the "hole" at lightning bolt speed.

But when you get there it's like so underwhelming because you're actually still like 6 acts away.

dance competition

But once you're finally on deck, it hits you.

Your heart starts beating faster, your hugs with your teammates are a little bit more distracted by your own thoughts.

You get on deck, watching the team performing before yours from the wing-ardium leviosa.

You do your last minute jumping jacks and hamstring stretches.

"Okay, okay. I got this.

You hear the Emcee read your team's bio, getting the crowd amped up.

The team sets on stage, and gets ready for the music to start playing.

"Oh my god, oh my god."

But as soon as the set starts, all your anxiety disappears.

It's just you and your family, vibing out on the stage.

dance competition

To dancers, there's no more adrenaline-inducing and holy a feeling than performing.

But that's why, afterwards you feel like those 5 minutes floo-powdered by in the blink of an eye.

Holding that last pose, getting that last action shot, and starting to hear the crowd go wild  – your heart feels a little something like

dance competition

But as soon as you exit stage left you realize you're Hufflepuff-ing, have crazy cotton parsel-mouth, your pad-foot is burning, and you DESPERATELY need water.

dance competition

After downing a galleon of water, the team does a quick post-show huddle up before everyone heads to the audience watch the other teams perform.

At first you're super hype, screaming your friends' names, Raven-claw about their talent.

"Ugh, I knut with him/her!!! Ugh, they're so sickle!!!"

dance competition

but after a while you realize just how tired you are and your eyes start to glaze over.

You'll hear multiple teams choreograph to the same song and "tsk tsk" at how mainstream that song got.

"Really? Another Lorde Voldemort song? And a Rihanna and Drake-o song?"

dance competition

When it's time for awards, and you and your friends debate even going on the stage.

I mean, it's crowded, hot, who knows if we'll place, blah!

But you Neville know, so you end up going on stage.

And when the emcee starts announcing the placings, you can't help but get a bit anxious.

During awards, there might be an unexpected patronum team that comes up,

which is super exciting.

Everyone celebrates, the audience cheers,

and... your stomach is g-Rowling again.

After debating for what seems like 19371926 hours on where to go eat, (and taking 107491710 pictures),

someone makes a not-terrible suggestion and posts the address on the team Facebook group.

Once you get to the restaurant, it takes about another HOUR to get your food, but when you do, it's Mc-Gone-gall in 2 minutes cuz you Goblet down.

After taking another 2 hours to figure out how to pay the bill ("Who has cash? Can I Venmo someone? Wait, I need change... Who has a pen???)

Though the after-party is probably gonna be Basi-lit, but you don't wanna get Triwizard Turnt-ament.

And you say your final goodbyes, and Hug-warts, you drive home (broom-broom) feeling Oliver the emotions. Accomplished, nostalgic (yes, already), tired...

But most of all, more in love with your teammates than ever.

As you Slytherin in bed that night and go through a million rounds of checking all your social media channels, reading tweets and statuses that fill your heart with love for the community, double-tapping photos, and checking who double-tapped yours.

You just think, "Man, I Dumble-adore dance."

Because you know that, years from now, even after quidditching the team, you'll Remembrall the memories from the day, and Hold-emort them close to your Lock-heart.

You can't imagine a better way to spend your Time, even if if you could Turner it back.

Hell weeks, competition days, and everything in between – these are the experience that you Skele-Gro from, the moments that you'll Keeper forever. Always.

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