Take This Test To See What Type Of Dancer YOU Are!

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Take This Test To See What Type Of Dancer YOU Are!

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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It was fun to read through this list of 17 types of dancers. But it's hardly a scientific way of knowing what type of dancer you are...

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality test that uses psychological principles (based on Introversion/Extraversion, Thinking/Feeling, Sensing/Intuition, and Judging/Perceiving).

Want to see what type of dancer you are? First, take this free personality test to get your 4-letter personality type: MBTI test

Then, find your personality type in the list below to see what type of dancer you are, what your strengths are, and what you tend to do in a dance-environment!

What type of dancer are you?

The Rehearsal Coordinator

What They’re Good At: Making that “Road To ___” as smooth as it gets. They employ the help of Google Spreadsheets, Evernote, and meticulously planned out blocking in their perfectly color-coded Moleskine.

You'll Hear Them Say: “I posted our rehearsal schedule in the Facebook group! Check the pinned post!”

The Silent Leader

What They’re Good At: The behind-the-scenes magic

You'll Hear Them Say: Not too much, but they do e-mail the competition coordinators and facilitate meetings with the other leaders on a team. They also have a long list of random skills like video editing or music mixing that they always offer their friends. They're the unsung heroes of the dance community!

The Project Starter

What They’re Good At: Getting a group of friends together for a performance or video

You'll Hear Them Say: “Thanks sooo much for being a part of my vision!”

The "Make Every Piece Your Own" Dancer

What They’re Good At: Coming up with their own interpretation of the choreographer's piece in class.

You'll Hear Them Say: “Love this! But what if I did...”

The Heartfelt Instagram Captioners

What They’re Good At: Quietly supporting other dancers, may sometimes post graphics of inspirational quotes

You'll Hear Them Say: “There are no words to describe... Each and every one of..."

Which one of these do you post? 10 Things Dancers Love To Post On Instagram

The Free-Spirited Friend To All

What They’re Good At: Making everyone feel like they matter.

You'll Hear Them Say: “Hi, how are you? What did you do today before rehearsal/class?”

Thanks for being such a star!

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The Heart-To-Hearter

What They’re Good At: Forming deep bonds with fellow dancers.

You'll Hear Them Say: “We NEED to go on a coffee date soon!”

The Cheerleader

What They’re Good At: Motivating other dancers, wherever they are.

You'll Hear Them Say: “Let’s go group 2!!”

The Carpool Driver

What They’re Good At: Inviting you to class, making call time.

You'll Hear Them Say: “I’ll pick you up! Be there at 6:37” *shows up at 6:36*

The Team Mom

What They’re Good At: Taking care of other dancers

You'll Hear Them Say:“I know we’re gonna have a long rehearsal tonight, so I brought water and snacks for everyone!"

The Consistent Producer

What They’re Good At: Consistently making new pieces and finding opportunities to teach or film them.

You'll Hear Them Say: “Shameless plug, but I’ll be teaching again this Thursday night. Come thru!”

The Video Sharer

What They’re Good At: Supporting fellow dancer friends in their endeavors

You'll Hear Them Say: “Yo, I’m so proud of this guy!"

The Cypher King/Queen

What They’re Good At: Coming up with mind-blowing, creative moves and shapes

You'll Hear Them Say: “Who’s down to session!!!”

The Concept Video Curator

What They’re Good At: Fearlessly tackling new artistic projects

You'll Hear Them Say: “I think for my next video, I’m going to do a anime theme.. at Yosemite.. with laser beams...”

The Dance Community Innovator

What They’re Good At: Wanting to serve the community by doing, making, saying things

You'll Hear Them Say: “Excited to announce that…”

The Commentator

What They’re Good At: This type of dancer is always making people laugh with their asides in class or rehearsal. Always has fun snapchat stories.

You'll Hear Them Say:"What if we did THIS?!" *stupid dance move*... And the team actually ends up using it cuz it looks kinda cool

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