What You Missed At Body Rock Juniors 2015

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What You Missed At Body Rock Juniors 2015

Jessie Ma
January 23, 2024
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The junior dance community never ceases to amaze us. It's as if their talent, dedication, and passion surpasses what we thought was the maximum from every single year prior. At Body Rock Juniors this year, the 3 placing teams prove that their advancement is not stopping anytime soon. Watch their performances to see what we're talking about!

The Placements:


Oh San Diego.. Their dancers are not just clean, they're freaking good. You can tell that this team doesn't just drill and clean, each of these kids on stage are quality dancers- dynamics and textures and performance ALL ON POINT. I personally appreciated the showcasing of versatility in this set. It's scary that they've only just started their dance journeys! Like, are they on.. Designer Drugs?! Whatever their Habits, the secret to success is Safe With Them as they continue to grow sicker and sicker. AND JAZZ HANDS!


(Tok)....Yo... *Picks up jaw from floor* I didn't even want to blink throughout this performance. Every second is jam-packed with something impressive and entertaining. It's like they took our favorite classic "hip hop" songs and made em A MLLION TIMES BETTER. Then again, we expect nothing less from this talented bunch led by the amazingness that is Rie Hata. That section at 3:10?? Like what?!!?! UGH!! Safe to say this set made a good majority of us want to move to Japan to train...


These kids are FIRE. And it's no surprise, as they are the junior team of the incredible GRV. David Lim, one of GRaVy's directors, gives us some insight into the team's Body Rock Juniors experience:

The Most Important Stage

The most memorable moment wasn't actually at the competition, but during one of our rehearsals. It was the first time we did a full out run-through with our costumes and props. A performance just for ourselves. It was almost completely dark out so we pulled up our cars and shined our headlights towards the area we blocked off for the run-through ...and the kids just went off. It was the most amazing run-through I have ever seen them do.As you build a set, it's natural to have doubts or unsureness. But after that run-through, all those doubts vanished. It felt like I was watching the set for the first time.

The Gift of Giving

To work with the youth dancers in our community is a priceless gift. They are so passionate and hungry to learn, grow, and develop themselves not only as dancers but as individuals. It's a never ending supply of inspiration for myself and for GRV to watch them at every rehearsal. It's so rewarding to witness these kids mature from preteens to young adults.

And What We Get Along The Way

I want the dancers to take away at least 2 things from their experience on a junior team:The first is to know that through hard work, anything is possible- but nothing is ever promised or given.The second is to walk away with a set of memories that they can keep with them for a lifetime. To be able to be the best you can be at something you love, and to do it with 50+ people that you can call your family. Your laughs, arguments, tears, joy, disappointments and triumphs. Things that you and your unique group of people will ever understand.- David Lim

What were some of your favorite performances at Body Rock Juniors this year? Share them with us by commenting below!

Body Rock Competition is a great reminder of how rapidly and powerfully our community is expanding. Read up on our history, and the evolution and future of our global dance community for a little more thinkin' juice!