Things You Missed Because Vibe Dance Competition Was Sold Out

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Things You Missed Because Vibe Dance Competition Was Sold Out

Christina Kim
January 23, 2024
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Normally, I'd start an event recap post with a mildly smug tone signifying that you really missed out and you should have gone, but for this post on VIBE this past Sunday, I will let it slide -- tickets sold out a week before the show. It was Coachella 2015 up in here. It was EDC 2015 up in here. It was the "On the Run" tour up in here.

But no worries, that's what YouTube is for! From mortally kombatting with Chapkis to going Up with Praise Team to playing a really... interesting video game with Kinjaz, VIBE XX delivered this year with some incredible talent. Dancers were at Segerstrom all day, with tech and last minute practices, and we had some dancers volunteer (and by "volunteer", I mean we harassed them incessantly) to be a part of our #steezyOREOchallenge, which you can find on our Instagram @thatsteezy. I would advise you to watch and be amazed at Bam Martin's challenge video. If you don't know who placed:



Let's take a look at some of the talent throughout the whole show!

Kinjaz, you had me feeling all sorts of upset when Vahzina got shot, but I felt much better with Testykles for sure. After the unique performance, I'm sure the audience was super happy that they came.

To VIBE. Yep.

Common Ground made me realize that I do not want to die by Mitsuko because first off, look at how strong she is. Like she drags someone across the floor. Also, before killing him, she says, "Die. Ugly." Getting killed AND insulted?! Not cool.

We can always count on incredible theatricality with AOV, you just can't Beat It!

I watched Three23's set over and over and came to the conclusion that their set is best represented by this gif. IT'S JAM PACKED.

Ah the Grease Makers, how else would you end a set like this?! A musical number is necessary.

Did... a Poreotic just.. moon rock off stage? (Get it? Like "moon walk" but rock because like.. yeah?)

OK, the fedorable men of 220, please take me now.

Samurai came in all the way from Japan and inspired us to look in the mirror if we wanted to make the world a better place.

Culture Shock LA had me very interested in purchasing a piano, especially if it twerked -- they sure know how to put their Bachs into it. HAH!

You could actually hear The Company breathing in sync if you were in the first few rows. Congratulations on 3rd place, The Company!

GRV, I can be everything that you need... heh. Congrats on 2nd place, GRV!

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies. How dare you hit us so hard in the feels? Sigh. But how excellent would it be to participate in a gentle(wo)man's blanket fight with Cookies?

Or even participate in a lovely ripple?

They gave us a whole 'nother definition of nap time. Look at that flooreo.

So, funny story. The person next to me brought a knife and onions into Segerstrom and started chopping those onions right around this part of the set... Yeah.

Can we just talk about how you can just feel the energy and the VIBEs from everyone on stage, including the hands that reach out in the back? Sheesh.

Um. Ok. Yass with the solo.

Congratulations Cookies on 1st place!

And congratulations to GRV, The Company, and all of the teams that competed and performed! Y'all gave us one hell of a show!


For all of the videos, check them out on VIBE's YouTube channel!

Which set was absolute fire in your opinion? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

Did any of your non-dancer friends go to Vibe with you or to watch you? Did you hear any of these questions?