Why Are Dancers So Attracted To Other Dancers?

Dance Culture

Why Are Dancers So Attracted To Other Dancers?

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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We’re no relationship experts, but we know how love and attraction can blossom in the dance community.

Here are some reasons to explain the vaguely-understood-but-never-quite-put-into-words mystery that is dance crushes, teamcest, and intra-community dating.

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Ready to finally figure out why other dancers make you feel sum type way?

Keep reading ;)

1. In Dance, The Artist IS The Art

Imagine you’re looking at a beautiful painting.

You appreciate it for how it looks or how much work must’ve gone into creating it… but I doubt it makes you think about the paintER.

You’re not immediately like “Oh damn Picasso you baddie~”

But because dance is literally worn on our bodies, “dancing” is unavoidably tied to the dancER.

So it’s not shocking that this inevitably leads to some degree of sexual attraction. I mean c’mon, we’re watching and admiring how someone’s body is moving!

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(*This can be true for any performance artist – singers, actors, spoken word artists, etc., but I feel it is particularly strong for dancers because it’s such a physical performance art.)

While it is perfectly possible to admire the great talent, great passion, and great work ethic of a dancer, the line between that admiration and attraction is very thin because of this reason.

dancers so attracted to other dancers

2. Our Community’s “In-Group” Nature Makes Us Bond

I love our community because we have this really specific and nuanced culture.

It’s one of those things that if you’re not in it, you’d have trouble understanding.

The fact that we’re so distinct breeds this in-group mentality. “We GET us!”

This sentiment is particularly highlighted when some mainstream media channel shares the work of someone in our circles.

Like, “Psh, they’re just now discovering this VIBE video of The Company?? HA! How adorable. I was backstage!”

We have this weird pretentious yet simultaneously “underdog” attitude that a lot of misunderstood communities bond over.

If you’re on the same team as someone, this bond is especially strong.

These bonds, while definitely possible to stay platonic, can be a slippery slope into developing romantic feelings.

3. Dance Shows You In Moments Of Vulnerability

Art is so damn beautiful because it lets us connect with each other without having to speak a word.

I’ve watched people dance and really really transmit their thoughts and feelings through their movement.

The way they expressed themselves was so powerful that I felt like I knew what they were going through. I felt like I knew them.

When we choose to express ourselves without reservation, we get to have this silent heart-to-heart with those watching.

Yes, sometimes you just heart-eyes at someone because they’re dope af.

But other times, we find ourselves swooning over someone because we experience something deeper through their movement.

4. Dancing Is Freaking Fun And You Associate Good Feelings With The People You Share Them With

When you exercise, you release a rush of endorphins.

This makes you feel happy, and more likely to exercise more because... it’s nice to feel happy!

We share a lot of happy moments with other dancers.

Small things like getting down in a cypher together or the way someone cheers for you when you’re dancing in groups – all these moments of happiness mean a lot to us!

And it’s not just the small moments.

When you think about notable events in your life like big competitions or making it onto your dream team, there are probably other dancers that you remember sharing that with.

So when it comes to your significant other, it only makes sense that you’d want them to be someone that has been through the important moments with you.

Like I said, not an expert here. These are just a FEW of probably infinite reasons why dancers tend to gravitate towards each other.

Whether it’s lust or love, you can’t deny that you’ve witnessed or experienced first-hand what this is like. Hope you enjoyed!

Best of luck with your dancer crush or dancer bae <3

I know there’s potential for a lot of interesting conversations about this… Soo, what are your thoughts? Please leave a comment to share!