Why You Will ALWAYS Be A Dancer, Even After You "Stop" Dancing

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Why You Will ALWAYS Be A Dancer, Even After You "Stop" Dancing

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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You are, and will always be a dancer. Don't quite feel that way, though? We get it – In an ideal world, we'd be able to do all the things we love for as long as we want.

But reality rarely allows for that. Reality calls for change and sacrifice. Dance is such a huge part of all our lives... right now.

But many of us will soon confront having to let it go – for a career, family, other obligations. Some of us already have.

But I don't believe that you have to let go completely. Whether you’re an accountant, engineer, parent...

Once you're a dancer, you'll always be a dancer.

""You can quit dance, but dance can't quit you!"

Life will take you so many places you don’t expect. You may struggle, you may be perfectly content. But as you'll see – dance is still with you in all those moments.

The director of this video, Liz Cartojano, wanted to convey that,

"This video is dedicated to all people of all ages of every style of dance who have moved on from their dance careers into the "real world."

...These freestyles are a reflection of that part of their soul that still craves to dance although it is within their past."

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You Are A Collection Of All Your Past Experiences

Not just who you are now. Our lives are so dynamic. We each have different experiences daily.

When you go through your old photos and videos, you'll stumble upon a few things from the past that are completely different from how your life is in the present.

Yet those experiences all had a hand in creating the person you are. It’s short-sighted to view ourselves for who we are at a given point in time.

Yes, you may be a student, a nurse, a father or mother.. but you are also a culmination of every single role you've played.

If you were a dancer – you are, and will always be a dancer.

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Dance Does Not Rely On Time, Place, Nor Age

Dance isn't as structured as you'd think. Dance often evokes images of classes, studios, performances, and rehearsals.

But dancing itself is actually independent of those things. Dance doesn't need other people or a studio, nor does it restrict itself to a tme frame. Movement is free. Movement is timeless. Movement belongs to you.

Maybe you don't have a dozen teammates by your side, or a crowd cheering your name. No costume, mirrors, or even music. But you don’t need any of that.

You can still dance as much and as long as your heart desires.

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You Can Find Traces Of Dance Everywhere

The lessons you learned aren't forgotten. When you first learned to dance, you didn’t realize you’d learn so much from it.

Dancing has taught you about leadership, discipline, creativity, collaboration, the power of support, the importance of self-confidence, and so much more.

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Dance's magical, transformative power is not limited to the years dancing was the majority of your lifestyle.

These lessons pervade your everyday, whether you notice them or not. They have no expiration date.

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The Community Is (Still) Thankful For You.

Even if you didn't feel significant in it, the dance community is what it is because of you. All of us make up this network. So everything you do matters.

Every class you've taken, every show you performed at, every person you've inspired who inspired another, and so on – the community is defined by these interactions.

And that energy doesn't just disappear. Once you put it out there, it's there.

Know that even years after you "stop" dancing, and no matter how "irrelevant" you feel, your energy was put into motion.

That energy is still being re-used by the dancers who take part in it today.

Thank you, and you are welcome. Literally, you're welcome back anytime – because you never really left :)

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Trust us, we know how much you miss it.

But if you take notice of all the little moments of your day where you want to move, or of the dancers you keep in touch with, or in the way you stand a bit taller and speak with more confidence –these are the ways that you are still a dancer.

And you will always be a dancer.

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It may be just what you need to remember how it felt. Have you "moved on" with your life? What are some ways that you keep in touch with dance?

Comment below and share with us!

This post was originally published on April 27, 2016.