How YouTube Can Help You Get Professional Dance Jobs

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How YouTube Can Help You Get Professional Dance Jobs

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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You’re at a professional dance audition surrounded by dancers you’ve idolized since you first started dancing.

Other than auditioning for pieces on your community competition team, you’ve never experienced a fast-paced audition like this.

And yet, here you are...

Wait, how did you even get here?

Believe it or not, this happens quite a bit!

Many dancers who came from the “community” are getting their work noticed on YouTube and are being offered professional dance gigs.

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If you’re interested in professional dance jobs, keep reading to see how to make YouTube help you make the transition.

1. Always record yourself

Dance videos are pretty much dancers’ resumes.

So collect material to build up your resume whenever you can!

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Keep track of the groups you’re in during classes and workshops, then find that footage when it is posted.

If a class you’re taking is not being recorded, CLEAR IT FIRST with the studio / choreographer if it’s okay to take your own footage.

If they say yes, ask someone to record you performing in a group.

This will also give you on-camera experience so you are more comfortable in front of the lens.

Some auditions may ask for you to self-tape yourself freestyling or showcasing some of your signature moves.

Either way, you will always benefit from practicing your performance in front of a camera.

2. Format your YouTube channel like a pro!

Visit your favorite dancer's YouTube page.

Chances are, it's organized in categories that are easy to navigate.

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Whether your account is filled with concept videos, footage from class, freestyles, or even just videos of you messing around, it helps to organize and label your videos properly so those going through your page can find what they’re looking for.

Clearly label individual videos.

Use the following format, or just make sure you include all the key information:


If you are an all-styles dancer, then it may help to create playlists for each style you are skilled in.

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If you are sending in videos that you aren’t solo in, it’ll help to send the link with the timestamp where you start.

If you are in a group, label your shirt color or note some other defining feature so it is as easy as possible for someone to find you.

You never know what will be asked of you, so just be prepared.

Have your videos organized, labeled and ready – take a look at Sorah's and Scott's for inspo!

youtube for dancers
youtube for dancers

3. Create a dance reel

If you have hours of footage, it's probably time to create a professional reel.

A dance reel is usually a 2-4 minute video of your best work.

This is where you splice in that footage where you slayed it in the select groups. Or that one power move you know will kill it at parties.

Not only is this more appealing for those casting but it also gives you a chance to portray yourself as the dancer you want and pick out the absolute best moments.

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So bust out those cameras, start uploading that footage and book those gigs you've always wanted!Thanks for the submission, Adam!Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see how STEEZY makes the mot of it. Click here!