About The Instructor

Alec Albright

Instructor Bio

Alec Albright is a dancer from Cleveland, Ohio who started his formal dance training as a user of STEEZY’s app. Now residing in Los Angeles, he is the Production Coordinator at STEEZY Studio and a proud member of GRV. He attended Carnegie Mellon University, where he earned his BHA in Statistics and Audio Recording & Production as well as his Master’s in Entertainment Industry Management. For 3 years, Alec served as an Executive Director & Choreographer of Dancers’ Symposium, CMU’s largest dance organization. He is honored to share space with the legendary instructors who championed him as he grew from a novice to a professional dancer, choreographer, and director. To pay it forward, Alec dedicates himself to shining a light on the rising stars and cultural leaders of the dance community while paving the way for others to join the community themselves.