About The Instructor

Alfred Remulla

Instructor Bio

Alfred Remulla’s mom would watch Alfred constantly dancing along to Nsync music videos, and eventually enrolled him in dance classes at the Westlake School for the Performing Arts so he can get more formal training. He spent the next 14 years at WSPA learning from members of The Company, namely Pat Cruz and Jason Rillera. Alfred moved up The Company’s “The Camp” system, starting on the junior team (Jrs.), into the teen team (APT), and now is a member and choreographer on the adult team, The Company. Inspired by the dancers he saw on YouTube (Shaun Earisto, Pat Cruz, Keone Madrid, Bam Martin) Alfred started choreographing when he was just 13 and started teaching when he was in high school. In 2017, he got his first international teaching job in Russia and in 2018 he taught in Beijing and Chengdu.