About The Instructor

Beau Fournier

Instructor Bio

Beau Fournier started dancing when he was 19 on CSUN Hip Hop. He and a few friends from the team branched off to form Fanny Pak and made their debut on America's Best Dance Crew in 2011. After the show, Beau channeled his quirky and avant-garde vision into creating Mischief Makers, a professional adult dance company. Beau's passion for mentoring youth dancers sparked the idea of creating a junior team, and Trouble Makers was born in 2012. The team further expanded to Rogue Makers (developing adult dancers), Baby Makers (male adult team) and Money Makers (female adult team). Beau currently directs all of "Maker Empire," while serving as the Artistic Advisor of Culture Shock Los Angeles – all while running his own dance studio, Elements Dance Space (located in Pasadena, CA).