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Boogie Frantick

Instructor Bio

Boogie Frantick has been freestyling and party dancing since he was 2 years old! His early inspirations included the Airforce Crew: Mr. Animation, Chuco, and other dancers like Flat Top, Popping Chuck, Mr. Steen. Boogie was especially drawn to miming and ticking. Boogie Frantick joined his first crew, the Whiz Kidz Wrecking Krew. There, he met his mentor DJ Haze, who influenced both his dance style and approach to Hip Hop culture. He started sessioning in Los Angeles in the early 2000's, where he met Puppet Master, OG Jeckle, the LA Breakers, Knuckleheads, and Style Elements Crew. Boogie Frantick danced for a rappers Red Eyes and D-tane, an experience that led him to infuse Latin music and movement in his dancing. He joined Funny Bones Crew in 2004, and later MZK (formerly the Mighty Zulu Kings) in 2010. In 2013, he became the president of the Poppers in MZK and continues to serve as an ambassador of Popping and Hip Hop culture.

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