About The Instructor

Brandon BeastBoi Juezan

Instructor Bio

Brandon “BeastBoi” Juezan is a Street Dance artist and Hip Hop culture activist from Los Angeles. His dance journey began in high school after joining the Gladstone High School Coed Dance Team which led him to train later with groups such as Collabor8 Dance Company, Hall of Fame Dance Team, and Versa-Style Dance Company. After graduating with a B.A. in Entertainment and Tourism Management, he began touring with Versa-Style Dance Company as a Principal Dancer and the organization’s Project Manager, handling various administrative tasks while also training as a dance artist. His work is focused around representing Hip Hop in the concert dance industry, developing platforms for freestyle dancers to grow in the community, and educating future generations on the rich culture and history of Hip Hop dance.

STEEZY Studio Classes Taught By Brandon BeastBoi Juezan