About The Instructor

Breeze Lee

Instructor Bio

Leigh “Breeze-Lee” Foaad has been a principle dancer for Rennie Harris “Puremovement” (RHPM) since 2005. He also serves as Co-Founder, Co-Artistic Director, and Choreographer for Versa-Style Dance Company, where he trains alongside fellow STEEZY instructors Brandon Beastboi Juezan and Alex Swift Almaraz. He’s been named Popping Champion at several competitions including “The Week” in Italy, “Bust a Move” in Canada, and “Freestyle Session” in Los Angeles. While Breeze-Lee has always been exposed to the dance world, he first discovered his love for Popping in 2002. Today, he has a wide dance vocabulary ranging from Hip Hop to Ballet, but he continues to explore Popping as his main foundation for movement.