About The Instructor

Clay Boonthanakit

Instructor Bio

When he moved from Atlanta, GA to Diamond Bar, CA during high school, Clay Boonthanakit, AKA Claydohboon, was bullied a lot and spent his lunches alone. By chance, he stumbled into a meeting for the Freestylerz Club and fell in love with the creative, supportive energy of the cypher. Clay joined the club, as well as Diamond Bar's All Male team. He also started to take ballet, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary classes at Dellos Studio. Clay was on GRaVy Babies from 2011-2012, and later Family Bizness from 2015-2017. He's been an instructor at The Lab Creative Arts Studio and at Snowglobe Perspective. He is now the director at STEEZY, working to teach different styles of dance to people all over the world.

STEEZY Studio Classes Taught By Clay Boonthanakit