About The Instructor

Drew Venegas

Instructor Bio

Drew Venegas grew up in West Covina playing nothing but sports. About 16 years of age, Drew joined The Lab Creative Arts Studio, where he trained all the way up to 21 years old. With The Lab, he was able to accomplish many things, from HHI Worlds in 2017 and performing at Times Square on New Year’s Eve to dancing for Ciara and BTS, to even assisting choreography and dancing for Dinah Jane of Fifth Harmony. Drew started choreographing at 18 and started his teaching journey at The Lab, Offstage, and other local LA studios. He has since gotten to choreograph the Boys World (a girl pop group) music video to their hit single: “Piña Colada”. Now, Drew himself is a part of a pop band called “The Future X”, which was formed in 2022 and was created by Simon Fuller. They are a group of dancers and singers combined to showcase that dancers can be artists as well, right there in the spotlight with singers.