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Jojo Diggs

Instructor Bio

Jojo Diggs is a dancer, international instructor, choreographer, Mop Top member, and Diggs Deeper founder and CEO. She started ballroom dancing in her early 20’s, and later discovered the underground dance scene of House clubs and cyphers. After 5 years of learning House in the club, Jojo took her first House class at a dance studio. Though it seemed like a strange concept to put steps and counts to something she'd learned so organically, she was blown away by how much the technqiue and codification actually strengthened her House foundation. In the past 17 years, Jojo Diggs has become one of the most sought after and respected House Dance instructors in the world, training students' House foundation and educating them on its history.

STEEZY Studio Classes Taught By Jojo Diggs