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Kara Cannella & Jaeden Gomez

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Kara Cannella and Jaeden Gomez are a dance duo and pair of besties who’ve blown up TikTok with dance challenge after dance challenge. With over 1M collective followers and 3 viral challenges under their belts including routines to “His & Hers” by Internet Money, “Come Around Me” by Justin Bieber, and “Pop De Replay” by Rihanna, these girls show no sign of slowing down. Kara is a 23-year-old dance major at University of the Arts in PA who intends to pursue a professional dance career in addition to her TikTok stardom. Jaeden is a 21-year-old dancer living in Albuquerque, NM, who’s already building a roster of choreography credits, including a recent music video for Slums of Harvard.