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Larkin Poynton

Instructor Bio

Larkin's family surrounded him with music, dance, and art from an early age. He grew up playing instruments, watching ballets and symphonies, and even taking ballroom classes with his father. Later, he started exploring Breaking, party dancing, and other old school Hip Hop styles. He took classes at Motion Underground, where he learned from esteemed Colorado dancers and guest instructors. When that studio closed down, Larkin took ballet lessons for 2 years. As he earned his Business degree in college (with a minor in dance), Larkin started teaching at a studio called Streetside Dance. Larkin also worked on numerous community focused projects both in Colorado and abroad, eventually deciding to pursue dance full-time.

STEEZY Studio Classes Taught By Larkin Poynton

No classes available right now from Larkin Poynton. Please check back later!