About The Instructor

Makenzie Dustman

Instructor Bio

Makenzie Dustman has been working as a professional in the television/film industry for over a decade. Her career began when she became a Top 10 Finalist on FOX’S Season 10 of So You Think You Can Dance. Her dance career continued through the years working for artist’s Justin Bieber, Normani, KHALID, Chris Brown, Anna Kendrick, and more. For the past 5 years she’s been delving into her passions behind the camera, taking on roles as choreographer and creative director. Her love for carving out her own lane and standard of visual art for contemporary dance in the commercial industry, is immense and remains the driving force behind her work. As an educator, she enjoys challenging her students to create art from their most vulnerable states of being, encouraging the use of movement to help safely confront the most intimidating parts of their psyche. Her practices aim to unveil those deeply rooted fears and insecurities to replace them with truth and unwavering empowerment that will confidently guide them through their human experience.