About The Instructor

Melvin Timtim

Instructor Bio

Melvin started Breakin' and freestyling at only 8 years old. When he was 14, he was exposed to choreography through Chapkis Dance Studio and met his mentors Antoine Troupe and Greg Chapkis. A "freestyler at heart," he found it difficult to transition to learning choreography, but he was pushed to keep taking class. At 16, he started to make his own pieces. When "Do It For The Ratchets" broke the internet, he realized he could make and teach choreography by utilizing his freestyle background. He started to choreograph for Chapkis Dance Family, which led to more teaching opportunities and even a directorship position on the team. He is now focused on further developing his style, teaching around the world, and pushing younger generations of dancers (like the ones on his team – S-Rank) to believe in themselves and fulfill their potential.