About The Instructor

Mikey DellaVella

Instructor Bio

Mikey DellaVella is a dancer, choreographer, and instructor with a decade of choreographing and five years of teaching under his belt. By blending next-level musicality, control, and creative wordplay in his movement, Mikey has come to be known as an industry powerhouse with a unique style that sets him apart. Mikey teaches regularly at popular Los Angeles studios such as Millennium Dance Complex, Movement Lifestyle, and Playground LA, and has also had the privilege to choreograph for well-known artists including T-Pain, Ester Dean, ATEEZ, GOT7, and Britney Spears. Mikey even serves as an active member/co-choreographer for S-Rank – an HHI Gold Medalist dance team founded by fellow STEEZY instructor, Melvin Timtim! Mikey's skill and passion for teaching does not go unnoticed, and fellow dancers have collaborated their efforts in creating pieces to teach alongside him. His aim is to make sure that his students leave his class with a better ear for music and even stronger appreciation for dance.