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Rated R

Instructor Bio

Rated R is a dancer and viral move creator from Memphis, Tennessee. He began taking his passion for dance seriously at the age of 14, and has since become known as a top tier battler in “Memphis Jookin” – one of his home city’s signature dance styles. Specializing in toe stalls and ankle breaks, Rated R has performed in numerous shows alongside his Jookin crew, “The DreamTeam”. His list of dance credits is extensive, and includes dancers and artists such as Ayo & Teo, Silento, Kida the Great, Dytto, and the Future Kingz. After having spent plenty of his spare time sessioning with friends, Rated R began coming up with his own signature moves, most notably the Cosby Walk – a marching-inspired dance move that has TikTokers and dancers all over the world grooving with swag. Take his class on STEEZY to learn how to do the Cosby Walk yourself!