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Tango Leadaz

Instructor Bio

Tango Leadaz has never been far from Jamaican culture. He grew up in South Florida, which is home to a huge Islander community and underground Dancehall scene. Tango's parents also constantly played Reggae and Dancehall music in the house, making Dancehall a natural part of his everyday life. After a lifetime of being a dancer, Tango got his first few teaching jobs at U4ria Dance Studio and various workshops. He later moved to LA and started teaching Dancehall classes at Debbie Reynolds Dance Studio. Tango's first industry job was Pharrell’s “Freedom” music video, and shortly after he signed with Bloc Talent Agency. Since then, he’s worked with artists like Gwen Stefani, Alicia Keys, and Omarion. Tango is also known for his original dance step, “Good Chemistry.” He continues to spread his love and knowledge of Dancehall steps and culture.

STEEZY Studio Classes Taught By Tango Leadaz