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The Future Kingz

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The Future Kingz is a world-renowned, Chicago dance crew co-founded by Zaya Sosho and Renzell Roque. After years of putting on free dance shows and workshops around Chicago, TFK began to catch the eyes of both growing social media audiences and industry artists alike. Their passion for swaggy moves, playful choreography, and hype performances, led the Future Kingz to greatness as they performed alongside Chance the Rapper, Dababy, Ayo & Teo, and more. The crew also placed 2nd at World of Dance Chicago, reached the quarterfinals on season 13 of America’s Got Talent, and serve as dance move pioneers on Instagram and TikTok. In 2017, the crew expanded their creative endeavors to include writing and producing music, which they use as a basis for many of their choreographies and performances.