24 Things We're Thankful For as Dancers

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24 Things We're Thankful For as Dancers

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season, STEEZY Nation!

No matter where you're from or what you celebrate, the end of the year feels like the perfect time to reflect.

Last November, we talked about all the changes we were undergoing and how thankful we were for the journey.

Since then things at STEEZY HQ have gotten even bigger, better, and crazier – giving us even more to be thankful for.

We'll give you a full update on what's been going on soon! For now, let's go back to our main love, dance.

Dance has given us so many priceless lessons and indescribable feelings. Here are 24 of those blessings that you can count as a dancer.

As a dancer, I'm thankful for...

1. Having a way to express myself.

"The fact that dance can express emotions that words can't!"

– @magic.mike.x.x.s

2. That moment when I find the song

3. The ability to experience different eras, cultures, and genres of music through dance

4. My body, no matter its shape or size, being able to dance

"The fact that I have limbs that can be used for dancing & that dance exists at all."

– @abbyzaporteza

"Thankful for the ability to still move post knee ligament surgery!"

– Marina Murphy

5. All the fire emoji comments on the dance video on Instagram that I was hesitant to post at first

6. Knowing that I will always have this safe space to go to

7. When I actually have my best run doing select group

8. The people I do it with

"My team."

– @xo_kaaren_

9. AirPods, other bluetooth earphones making the choreo process 73984x easier

10. When STEEZY Studio releases a class from my favorite choreographer

11. Or a program for a style I've always wanted to learn

12. When the song I've been jamming out to nonstop plays in the cypher

13. Spotify Premium (or Apple Music)

14. Knowing that I matter

"I’m thankful that I’ve been able to become an influence to the dancers in my school and community. I’m definitely not the best in my area, but it’s nice to know that I’m making a difference."

– Terrence Mims

15. The process

"I'm thankful for the process! Dancers go though ups and downs during our journeys. Although it can be hard at times, the time and dedication it takes for growth is all worth it knowing we will have a great outcome. Dance has just shown me to put effort into anything I wanna do in life in general if I wanna get better at it."

– Delilah Phillips

16. Dancers all around the world who share the same passion

"The ability to connect to others in a community of people who think and move like I do."

– @3dancersinyuhmum

"Thankful for the community!It’s inclusive and tight knit while still being global and filled with opportunities for everyone!"

– Nathan Tran

17. My favorite dance sweats / shirt / hat / shoes

18. When I watch a video of myself dancing and it's actually, like, really good

19. All my dance teachers, directors, and mentors

20. Going to a party or club and being one of the people who know how to dance...

21. ...Especially if I'm with my squad

22. Seeing my dancer friends kill it in classes, battles – even on TV and movies!

23. Having my cardio workout for the week taken care of

24. The nights after a long day when I put on music, dim the lights, and just let myself move.