Wanna Look Powerful When You Dance? Get 3 Dance Tips from Jawn Ha.

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Wanna Look Powerful When You Dance? Get 3 Dance Tips from Jawn Ha.

Jessie Ma
January 23, 2024
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Anyone who has ever taken a class from Jawn Ha knows his choreography packs a punch - it's precise and powerful (woo alliteration!), and for every 8-count, there are 24373 moves. Learning how to execute like Ha takes tremendous control and agility, which makes his style one of the hardest styles to master. From GRV, to Kinjaz, to Mos Wanted, Ha has developed and fine-tuned his style tremendously over the years, so we were fortunate to be able to pick Ha's brain on the 3 tips he would offer to all of us looking to improve on our craft.

1. Be Ready To Learn

Due to the level of difficulty of the class, or the anticipation of complicated combos of moves, a lot of students get anxious even before instruction starts. To combat this nervousness, realize where you are and what your purpose is before you begin learning. The same way you don’t go to a Calculus class and take a final exam on the first day, don’t expect to go to a workshop or class and be perfect. No one is expecting you to kill the choreography as you learn it. Instead, be armed with the mentality to learn from the instructor and absorb the entire experience.  

2. Get The Help You Need

When you’re taking a class, if YOU need something clarified or drilled, don’t be afraid to ask. In this case, don’t be afraid to review parts that you need practice in. Useful and helpful questions are key if you want to get the most out of your learning experience. Choreographers like questions - the more we can clarify for you, the better! Some pieces have tough musicality that really requires clarification, so ask questions, don’t be shy!

3. History Is Important

This applies to any type of dancer, at any level or experience- look up your roots! Ask what kinds of styles the choreographer has worked with and studied before creating their choreography. This can help you understand the basis of their choreography and the motivation behind the way they move now. For example, before I broke into choreography, I put focus into the fundamental styles of Breaking, Popping, Locking, and Tricking. Though complex, my style of choreography is a fusion of my past influential styles, including the more recent art of Krump. Though I do not consider myself a Krumper at all, I would dare say that my style is heavily inspired by the craft. All movement stems from some sort of foundational style. If you’re interested in a particular dancer, look into how they started.

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