The Ultimate Collection Of Top 50 K-Pop Memes Of All Time

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The Ultimate Collection Of Top 50 K-Pop Memes Of All Time

Tabinda Mustershad
January 23, 2024
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K-pop encompasses a unique blend of Korean musical genres ranging from rock to hip-hop to EDM. It has recently gathered a lot of hype in the global popular culture. Even though K-pop music seems new, most of its origins stem from the 90s music revolution, when the industry started to get a lot of influence from Western music and pop genres.

Top 50 K-Pop Memes Of All Time

The meme culture of the internet has its way of reacting to world events. To no one’s surprise, these memes can get us high on laughter because of their subtle comedic expressions. The K-pop industry isn’t different. We’ve collected the ultimate collection of Top 50 K-pop memes of all time that will make you roll on the floor laughing.

  1. Chaeyoung Drinking
Chaeyoung Drinking meme

This K-pop meme became popular back in 2018 on Reddit. The meme shows Chaeyoung of the popular South-Korean girl group TWICE taking a sip from a beverage she finds unpleasant before putting it down and eyeing a bottle of water instead. Users on the internet began using this four-panel k-pop meme to express things they prefer over others. 

  1. Jungkook Phelps

Jungkook Phelps meme became popular on Twitter back in 2019, after BTS aka Bangtan Boys, tweeted a video of Jungkook swimming. Fans of this boyband quickly started making funny comparisons between Jungkook and the Olympian Michael Phelps. 

  1. This Is a River of My Tears
This Is a River of My Tears meme

The meme originated when the boyband NTC Dream did a V live stream on a beach where they were cleaning up litter in 2018. The meme shows a picture of the k-pop member Kim, who is professionally known as Doyoung, pointing towards the river alongside the text this is a river of my tears. The internet quickly started using this as a reaction meme to express sadness, misery, and despair. 

  1. Key the Clown
Key the Clown meme

When the K-pop rapper Kim Ki-bum (aka Key) decided to show up as Ronald McDonald for a 2015 Halloween party, his images quickly became a meme. The meme shows Key putting on a clown wig. The meme got immense popularity in the K-pop fan space because of the Putting on Clown makeup meme that shows a person increasingly making a bigger fool of himself. 

  1. Woozi Hitting Mingyu with A Guitar
Woozi Hitting Mingyu with A Guitar

This image macro K-pop meme features two members of the K-pop group Seventeen. The meme shows Woozi holding a guitar high over his head as if about to hit Mingyu. Mingyu cowers down as if to protect himself. The meme became popular on Twitter in 2015 after someone posted a clip of the video. 

  1. Kim Taehyung Confused 
Kim Taehyung Confused 

A kind of a new spin on the original confused math lady meme. The meme features a series of images of a very confused Kim Taehyung (professionally known as V in the BTS group). 

  1. Tae Shaddy Tea 
Tae Shaddy Tea meme

V is top-tier meme material and in this one, he’s literally just sipping tea. The meme became popular after BTS made an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Whether or not this image was meant to be shady, is another question entirely. 

  1. A Very Shook Jungkook
A Very Shook Jungkook meme

BTS fans turned Jungkook’s wide-eyed stare into a meme. “Jungshook” quickly became a famous K-pop meme with BTS ARMY using it to express confusion. Some users edited Jungkook’s shook face similar to the confused math lady meme to enhance the comedic effect even further. 

  1. Tiffany’s Laughing Face
Tiffany’s Laughing Face

Tiffany’s laughing face stands out as unique among the many K-pop funny memes. Fans of Tiffany Young noticed that her face looked exactly like the drawing of the laughing fan meme and made Tiffany’s laughing face viral. 

  1. BTOB’s Ilhoon’s Roaring Laughter 
BTOB’s Ilhoon’s Roaring Laughter meme

Jung Il-hoon, who is a member of the South-Korean boy band BtoBs, became the face of a 9gag meme with a photo of him roaring with laughter. The meme is quite funny especially when you read the text alongside it, which reads “When dad tells a terrible joke but you need $20”. 

  1. Hyungwon Starbucks Face
Hyungwon Starbucks Face meme

Our list of K-pop funny memes would be incomplete without including MONSTA X Hyungwon’s Starbucks face. Hyungwon can be seen picking up the mic, thinking better of it, and then putting it down. He then reaches for his Starbucks drink and takes a sip. His expressions are hilarious and relatable. 

  1. Oh Sehun Saying “YEHET”
Oh Sehun Saying “YEHET”

Sometimes the goofiest moments can turn into some of the best memes. A good example of this is when Oh Se-hun (a member of the boyband Exo) appeared on reality TV. The band members were playing a game and upon winning, Oh Se-hun blurted out “yehet”. Something between a “yay” and a “hey”. The band members all laughed at the silly phrase but K-pop fans took it to a whole other level and turned it into a meme. 

  1. You Got No Jams
You got no jams meme

K-pop BTS memes are funny if you know the story behind them. You got no jams is a popular BTS meme that originated when Rap Monster aka Kim Nam-joon told his band member Jimmin that he’s no “jaemi” - a Korean word for “fun”. That goofy lost-in-translation moment turned into the “you got no jams” meme that BTS fans now laugh about. 

  1. BTS “V” Saying Me

BTS member saying, “me, just me” is another popular K-pop meme. K-pop star Kim Tae-hyung responded to a question asked during an Entertainment Tonight interview during AMA’s back in 2017. The interviewer asked which member of the BTS was most likely to be late to rehearsal, to which Kim responded by saying “me, just me”. BTS Army loved this so much, that they turned it into a meme for situations where you need a bit of self-affirmation. 

  1. Haechan And Hide & Seek
Haechan And Hide & Seek meme

The meme features Haechan, the famous K-pop singer who is a member of the popular South-Korean band NTC. Haechan sarcastically asks the reader to play hide and seek, where he goes and hides and the reader seeks psychiatric help. 

  1. Seola’s Cosmic Girls Facial Expressions
Seola’s Cosmic Girls Facial Expressions

Cosmic Girls singer Seola’s facial expressions top the popular K-pop meme faces normally used in K-pop memes. Seola’s “don’t care” facial expressions have been used in several memes to show a general disregard for things. 

  1. Lisa and Jisoo’s Weird Friends Meme

If you’ve got a friend who is just as weird as you, you’d find this meme very relatable. Members of the famous K-pop girl band Blackpink, Lisa, and Jisoo both start doing a ridiculous arm dance as soon as they see each other doing it. They just don’t care who is watching. As long as they’re both goofy, they’re cool with it. 

  1. Sehun Reaction Meme
Sehun Reaction Meme

Sehun of the South Korean Boy Group Exo pretends to throw up in this K-pop meme. The text reads “when your bias is involved in a dating rumor”. K-pop fans refer to their favorite member in a K-pop band as “bias”. This meme pokes fun at the jealousy some fans may feel when they discover that their bias is dating someone. 

  1. VIXX’s Ken Reaction Meme 
VIXX’s Ken Reaction Meme 

Ken, who is a member of the South Korean boyband VIXX, can quickly shift from extremely handsome to highly meme-able within seconds. If you’re looking for K-pop reaction memes, it honestly doesn’t get better than Ken’s suspicious face. 

  1. Chanyeol Over-expressions 

Exo member Chanyeol is known for his over-expressions in the meme world. Like this meme of him holding an ice cream cup closely as if someone is about to steal it from him. It describes most people’s relationship with food perfectly. 

  1. Food Is A T.O.P Priority
Food Is A T.O.P Priority meme

Choi Seung-hyun, known by his stage name T.O.P, said one of the most relatable things ever: food is indeed the most important thing in everyone's life. 

  1. Jungkook And His LipBalm
Jungkook And His LipBalm

This meme pokes fun at how broke most BTS fans are and that the only product they can afford that their idol also has is a lip balm. The meme shows Jimmin (a member of the K-pop boyband BTS) beaming as he holds a lip balm in his hand. 

  1. Blackpink Heart Meme

A member of the K-pop girl band Blackpink tries to complete a heart puzzle only for the pieces to move further apart. This meme is a perfect representation of most of us navigating our love lives. 

  1. BTS Bias Meme

K-pop BTS memes are incomplete without a meme about fan rivalry surrounding their biases. This meme is a great example of just that featuring Rap Moster’s blank facial expressions. 

  1. The BTS Alphabet Meme
The BTS Alphabet Meme

Another clever BTS meme that pokes fun at the letters that the members use to refer to themselves. Alongside their faces, the text reads “I never knew that alphabets could be this attractive”. 

  1. Changbin’s Fist 
Changbin’s Fist 

Changbin, the famous South-Korean rapper, unconsciously re-created Arthur’s fist meme. The photo is hilarious, especially when you zoom in on his closed fists. Next time you find yourself in an infuriating circumstance, try using Changbin’s Fist instead. 

  1. Baby Yoda Meets BTS

Baby Yoda memes took the internet by the storm and eventually baby Yoda made his way into K-pop BTS memes as well. A scene from the Mandolorian was edited with BTS songs in the back that make it look like Baby Yoda enjoys K-pop.  

  1. JungKook Arresting You Meme
JungKook Arresting You Meme

BTS Army can’t get enough of Jungkook K-pop memes. K-pop star Jungkook can arrest any BTS fan and we bet they won’t be mad at him at all,  just like the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. 

  1. BTS As A Cuppa 

What do you get when you add Tae, 2 cups of Sugga, and a Kookie? A BTS Cuppa.

  1. V & The Spongebob Fish Meme
V & The Spongebob Fish Meme

A lot of K-pop funny memes seem to feature V a lot. Kim Tae-hyung, who is known as “V” in the BTS boyband, dressed up exactly like the fish from Spongebob.

  1. ITZY & Umbrella Academy 
ITZY & Umbrella Academy 

The Umbrella Academy meme but make it K-pop. Number 5’s surprised face is often used as a reaction meme but K-pop fans made it funner by replacing Vanya with a member of the K-pop girl band ITZY driving by in the car next to him. 

  1. StrayKids Felix Vocals Meme

K-pop fans are probably familiar with the duality of Felix’s voice. Felix is a wrapper for the K-pop band Straykids. His voice can go from being very quiet and peaceful like that of a puppy to very deep and growly like that of a beast. 

  1. BlackPink Lisa’s Reaction Memes
BlackPink Lisa’s Reaction Memes

K-pop funny memes are sometimes all about facial expressions that K-pop stars make. Blackpink member Lisa’s stoic expressions are ideal for memes about indifference and just generally not caring for situations. 

  1. SHINee’s Taemin Reaction Memes
SHINee’s Taemin Reaction Memes

Shinee’s member Taemin has given K-pop fans an endless supply of very odd yet highly meme-able facial expressions over the years. These are some of the best K-pop reaction memes in our opinion and they work for most situations. 

  1. EXO’s Chanyeol Profile Picture Meme
EXO’s Chanyeol Profile Picture Meme

Chanyeol, who is a member of the famous K-pop band EXO, is known for his over-expressions. In this meme, his over-expression is perfect for depicting how some people look in their carefully captured profile pictures versus their non-candid photos. 

  1. K-pop Bias Meme
K-pop Bias Meme

It’s all fun and games until you realize you and your friend share the same bias. BTS K-pop fans will relate to this meme on a whole other level. 

  1. Super Junior Shock Face Reaction Meme
Super Junior Shock Face Reaction Meme

More K-pop reaction memes you can use next time you’re so surprised you’re at a loss for words. Super Junior member Junior’s expressions of shock and surprise are very meme-able and K-pop is taking full advantage of that. 

  1. BTS DNA & Hospital Meme
BTS DNA & Hospital Meme

K-pop BTS memes don’t get any better than this. DNA is a soundtrack by BTS that fans are now jokingly using in hospital-related memes that are frankly quite funny. 

  1. Sharing Your Bias
Sharing Your Bias meme

K-pop idols are adored by millions across the globe. Your bias is technically loved by millions of other girls all across the globe. Next time your mom calls you selfish, you know what to tell her. 

  1. Hunger Games & BTS
Hunger Games & BTS

K-pop BTS memes are always making fun of how people have to share their biases. The meme combines the Hunger Games fandom with the world of K-pop and pokes fun at how biases can technically only marry one person at any given time. Talk about competition. 

  1. Naming Kids After BTS Members Meme

K-pop funny memes get funnier when fans start including their idols in their everyday personal lives. Naming your kids after your idol is a new level of obsession and honestly, Park Ji-min’s sneaky smiling face in this photo is perfect to show just that. 

  1. Jungkook Smiling Face 
Jungkook Smiling Face 

Don’t even deny it. Jungkook’s smile is the exact smile you give your friend when you successfully convert them into hardcore K-pop fans. 

  1. Saying “Not Today” To Exams
Saying “Not Today” To Exams

Sometimes your K-pop obsession can take over your life completely. Some would argue it’s a great distraction from all the things you would rather avoid thinking of anyway. Like exams! Well, we hear you. We’d say “Not Today” to studying anyway. 

  1. BTS Suga Meme
BTS Suga Meme

K-pop BTS memes also tend to include a lot of scenarios that are purely a daydream and that’s exactly what makes them funny. Of course, Suga wouldn’t hate himself! 

  1. Kim Seok-jin Reaction Face
Kim Seok-jin Reaction Face

This is exactly how all great obsessions begin. You only want to know their names, next thing you know, you’ve memories the lyrics to their entire discography. K-pop songs are catchy that way. 

  1. BTS DNA & Studying
BTS DNA & Studying meme

So, you’ve got the DNA soundtrack on repeat while studying? We don’t blame you. Technically, you are studying Deoxyribonucleic Acid. 

  1. BTS Member Bias Wrecker Meme
BTS Member Bias Wrecker Meme

Staying loyal to your bias is hard when you’re a BTS fan. The 7 k-pop idols are all equally talented and sometimes you can find yourself having a hard time choosing your favorite. 

  1. Distracted BF Meme But Make It BTS
Distracted BF Meme But Make It BTS

The distracted boyfriend meme is quite popular and used to show a preference for one thing over the old one. This K-pop BTS meme is a similar recreation. 

  1. Red Velvet In A Microwave 

When you just want to cook your broccoli, there are members of the girl-group Red Velvet dancing in the pot. 

  1. Secretly Liking K-Pop

This one is for all the secret K-pop lovers out there. We’ve all got guilty pleasures and so what if yours is listening to K-pop when no one’s watching? 

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