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Dance Like Sorah Yang - Field of Vision Program on STEEZY.CO

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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Wanna Dance Like Sorah Yang?

Then learn how to dance like Sorah Yang... FROM Sorah Yang.

Who doesn't wanna dance like Sorah Yang?!

From her time on GRV to her experiences teaching and training all around the world, Sorah has developed her explosive, quick, powerful dance style that most dancers (and non-dancers!) recognize.

Not only has she grown into her own unique choreography and movement quality, Sorah has also developed her professional brand as a dancer – making merchandise with motivational meanings, growing loyal and engaged social media followings, and providing opportunities to other dancers and choreographers along the way.

Sorah's learned a lot in her journey to becoming a professional international choreographer / dancer.

And she teaches you all those lessons in her new Field of Vision Program on STEEZY Studio.

First things first - the dancing.One of Sorah's strongest suits is... well, her strength. But don't be misled by her powerful execution.

Being able to go hard actually requires you to understand your entire spectrum of energy, from being minimal to going super saiyan.

In Sorah Yang's Field of Vision, you will learn 3 different pieces.

And guess what? They're all to different sections/remixes to the same song: "Refill" by Elle Varner. Each version is executed with a different level of energy.

The first choreography piece, done to the original rendition of the song, is "slow and milky."

The second choreography piece, to T-Pain's section, is "strong and groovy."

The final choreography piece, done to a remixed version of the song, is "fast, intricate, and textured.

"Watch all 3 pieces in Sorah Yang's concept video here:

Sorah wanted to teach pieces that utilize different levels of energy (low, medium, high), so you can explore what feels comfortable to you within that range.

That way, when you learn a piece or freestyle in the future, you'll be in control of how much energy you use to match the music.

On top of the 3 pieces, Sorah also teaches other skills and techniques to make you a stronger dancer.

These include:

  • Musicality
  • Cleanliness
  • Speed and Extensions
  • Conditioning

Here are all 9 classes in the program. Take them in sequential order to get the full experience!

dance like sorah yang

Yep, there's a lot to learn here – here's a little sneak peek of the knowledge bombs that you'll get while dancing:

Superstar dancer, choreographer, and boss lady, Sorah balances a lot of responsibilities.

It's not always easy, and if you're trying to achieve your goals as a dancer, it won't be for you either.

That's why we also included 2 lectures in Sorah's Field of Vision, where she gives you tips on how to balance your life, stay true to yourself, and gain confidence in your dancing.

Here's a snippet from one of the lectures:

(Fun fact: The original "Field of Vision" Program was developed with Lyle Beniga, so he advises the curriculum and creative direction for all of STEEZY's Field of Vision Programs! You can also catch him as "Coach Lyle" in the Refill concept video 😂)

There's a lot you can learn from Sorah – and you can find all of it in this program. So don't wait to start! We'll see you in Class 1 of Sorah's Field of Vision Program!

dance like sorah yang