How To Do The Biz Markie

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How To Do The Biz Markie

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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The dance move Biz Markie, named after the late rapper Biz Markie, is a real energizing move that you can use in social settings while hanging out on the dance floor.

With that swaggy arm swing and hip movement, you’ll be well on your way to looking groovy and cool.

Watch the move demonstrated here:

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How to do the Biz Markie

  1. This dance has an underlying bounce to it, but the focus of the bounce is more on lifting upward. So just to warm up, bounce by bending your knees and lifting your torso and shoulders upward.
  2. Now, let's start doing the move to some music. Put on a song with an easy-to-follow beat and instead of bouncing with your feet on the ground, this time, you’re gonna hop upward on the 1 count and land on the 2 count.
  3. As for your arms, lift your left arm up while jumping on beat 1. Then, swing your left arm down across your body in between beats on the "and" count. Lastly, as you land on beat 2, lift your shoulders up. Be sure to keep that arm loose, and swing through when you bring your shoulders up. Think: lift and swing. Repeat a few times, trying both left and right side, slowly. 
  4. Now, practice full speed by swinging up and across. Hop on 1 and swing with your left arm. Alternate and hop again and swing with your right arm.
  5. Next, to emphasize that fun swing, push your left hip out when you swing your left arm across. When you swing with your right arm, your right hip pushes out.

All done!

To add a little more movement to this dance, you can also travel from side to side while you jump and land, rather than jumping in place.

Use the video above as a reference!

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