How To Do The Cabbage Patch

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How To Do The Cabbage Patch

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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This move comes from a Miami rap group called Gucci Crew II, who had a song of the same name and would do this dance along with the song.

The name of the move and song references the line of Cabbage Patch Dolls that got popular in the 80s.

Watch the move demonstrated here:

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How to do the Cabbage Patch:

  1. Put on a song with an easy to follow beat
  2. Now start bouncing to the beat (bend your knees and bounce up and down!)
  3. Bring your arms up in front of your chest, hands balled in to fits with the fingers pointed away from you
  4. Next, start moving your arms in a “flat” circle in front of your chest (your arms should go from bent in front of your chest to straight out in front of you as you create the circle)
  5. As you circle your arms, start leaning your chest aways from wherever your arms are in the circle (so if your arms are out to the right, your chest is leaning back to the left. When your arms are fully extended in front, you should be leaning straight back. When your arms are out to the left, you should be leaning back and to the right.)
  6. Now, let’s practice the legs! Start pedaling your feet one at a time, lifting a heel of the floor on each beat. Really allow your weight to sink into the straight leg so that your hips are able to sway from side to side.
  7. Now, add the upper and lower body together. As you start circling your arms, note that whichever side your hands are on should also be the side that your heel is lifted on. So as you bring your arms out to the right, lift your right heel. Arms out in front, both feet are down. Arms to the left, left heel is up. Arms in bent in front of chest, both heels are down.

All done!

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