How To Do The Floss Dance Move

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How To Do The Floss Dance Move

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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The Floss first started taking off when a young dancer known as The Backpack Kid posted videos of himself doing the dance on social media.

It took over every social platform and news show, and every celebrity wanted to prove whether they could do the deceptively tricky-looking move.

Watch the move demonstrated here:

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How to do the Floss dance move:

  1. Start with your feet shoulder-width apart
  2. Then, begin swaying your hips from side to side, allowing your chest to turn out about 45 degrees with each sway
  3. Now, start adding in the arms! As your hips sway to the right, bring your arms out to the left in a “V” shape
  4. Then, sway your hips to the left and bring your arms back and to the right (imaging that you’re pulling your hips through your arms – that’s why it’s called flossing!)
  5. Lastly, you’re going to revert back to the first position! Sway your hips to the right and bring your arms to the left, still in their “V’ shape
  6. Once you’ve done the full motion on one side, you’ll switch to do it on the other side. Start with your hips pointed out to the left and your arms in a “V” shape out to the right
  7. Pull your hips through your arms so that your hips are to the right, arms back and to the left
  8. Go back to the original position – hips to the left, arms out to the right
  9. Practice this motion on both sides several times to lock it in
  10. When you’ve got the full motion down, just start doing it as fast as you can!

That's it!

Keep in mind that this dance is not meant to be specifically on beat! It’s meant to be funny and silly, so just go whatever speed you can handle.

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