Sick Of Boring Workouts? Try These 8 STEEZY Sweat Dance Classes

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Sick Of Boring Workouts? Try These 8 STEEZY Sweat Dance Classes

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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I've always loved using dance as a workout tool, but every time I've gone to a "dance workout" class or tried a YouTube cardio workout, I always hit the same wall.

It starts off fun enough – but after a couple of sessions, I find myself not wanting to come back. And I KNOW I'm not alone.

That's why the STEEZY Squad decided to rethink how "dance workout" classes are taught, and in January 2022, we launched STEEZY Sweat – an all-new dance workout series!

The music's never cheesy – it's the latest hits and throwbacks that make you wanna move.

The moves aren't just any old 2-step-with-added-squats typa thing either. They're REAL dance moves you'd do at a club or party.

And with instructors who gas you up rather than punish you, treat your body right by leading you through warmups and cool downs, and give you modifications that work for all body types – suddenly, working out stops feeling like working out.

So, if this sounds like the answer to your "I'm always failing my resolution" woes, keep scrolling and tap into your first STEEZY Sweat class with one of four instructors – Luis, Kaley, Kaleila, or Dustin!

ABOUT LUIS: Luis Cervantes is here to bring you high-energy move combos fueled by trendy Pop songs every single week. He also loves a good throwback jam, so be ready to dance it out while channeling the backup dancers you used to love watching on MTV. When not leading STEEZY Sweat classes, you can catch Luis making TikTok routines for the masses and dancing at events like RuPaul’s Drag Con.

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Perfect for when you wanna wake your body UP, this STEEZY Sweat class will have you traveling across the floor, jumping, and doing plenty of music video moves! Luis curated the perfect feel-good playlist ft. favorites from Lady Gaga, The Pussycat Dolls, and more, so it’ll be hard not to smile the whole time.


The very fact that the warmup for this class is set to “Thot Shit” by Megan Thee Stallion should tell you Luis did not come to play 🥵 Luis paced this 30-minute session with perfectly choreographed grooves to match all the songs on your “bad b*tch energy” playlist, so be ready to feel extra powerful when you finish!  

ABOUT KALEY: Kaley Hatfield is your go-to girl for fun groove sessions set to chart-topping Pop songs. She’s a professional dancer and a certified fitness trainer who’s performed alongside artists like Selena Gomez and Hailee Steinfeld.


This class will have you feeling like you’re workin' it on stage since you’ll be shaking and rolling your booty as you step to the beat. Plus, Kaley takes you through plenty of easy grooves that work each zone of your body and she tests your balance too!


If you love high-energy jams like “On The Floor” by JLo, this class is for you. You’ll have so much fun popping your chest and swaying your arms to songs you love, you won’t even realize it’s a workout till you’re mid-cool down!

ABOUT KALEILA: Kaleila Jordan is a master of taking party dance moves and transforming them into a workout sequence! With her, you’ll be turning up to Hip Hop, Afrobeats, and Latin while turning up the heat in every muscle. In addition to being a STEEZY Sweat instructor, Kaleila works as a professional dancer, choreographer, personal trainer, and Pro Model Athlete.


Grab a towel cause this workout is going to have your body burning! Kaleila uses a mix of Latin Pop and Hip Hop songs for this one, so each section of the class channels the type of moves you’d do at a sexy Latin club. Hit the button to start working those hips and shoulders to songs like “Baby Boy” by Beyoncé and “Bailando” by Enrique Iglesias.


If you’ve never been to an Afro-fusion dance party, consider this class your VIP ticket. Kaleila leads you through lots of booty shaking grooves that work your thighs and core while empowering you to express your own swag in every step. With songs like “MEGATRON” by Nicki Minaj and “We Be Burnin’” by Sean Paul, you might find yourself wanting to freestyle too! ;)

ABOUT DUSTIN: Dustin Ripkens keeps you moving with powerful grooves set to Hip Hop, Pop, and R&B bangers! He has experience with a wide range of dance styles including Modern, Bollywood, and Jazz, so you know you’re getting something unique in every Dustin workout that’s gonna test your limits and push you to work hard.


In this class, Dustin leads you through grooves set to songs like “Savage Remix” and “Look What You Made Me Do” while showing you how to make the moves really your own. He’ll encourage long-haired dancers to whip their hair while they drop it low and simultaneously show you what that same move can look like on a muscular, masculine body type. Something for everyone? Oh yeah.


For this class, you can tell just how much care Dustin put into matching up each combo with each song. For example, as Cardi B’s “Up” plays, you’ll be working your upper body by hitting dance moves that bring your arms above your head. Later, as Todrick Hall’s “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels” plays, you’ll be strutting around your living room and gesturing to show each part of your body AWF!

Loved the look of these classes? There's more where that came from and new classes dropping every week on STEEZY Studio!

Plus, we even have free workouts that you can take, no credit card required.

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