The Best Dance Styles to Learn in Your Living Room

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The Best Dance Styles to Learn in Your Living Room

Charise Roberts
January 23, 2024
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If you have 6ft by 6ft of space in your living room (or bedroom, or garage, or even your bathroom!), then you DO have plenty of space to dance in!

Ready to put that room to use?

Here are 6 dance styles you can learn in your living room with just your body and the bare minimum of space.


1. Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance comes from the classic old school and new school party/social dances born from the greater Hip Hop culture of the 1970s.

Learn more about the origins of Hip Hop and Hip Hop culture here: What is Hip Hop?

Some popular Hip Hop moves include –

The MC Rock

The Roger Rabbit

The Biz Markie

The Milly Rock


The Dougie

Since most of these moves originated at parties and clubs (where, if it's lit, you won't have a ton of space to move), you can easily learn and practice them right at home.

Just try the main 2 foundations first: the Bounce (up and down) and Rock (side to side) motions WITHOUT traveling. You'll be grooving with mostly your upper body, so it's really like you're at the club.

Not sure where to start your online Hip Hop training?

We've crafted an intro program on STEEZY Studio that'll teach you the most important foundational moves of Hip Hop in the most effective way!

2. Popping

Popping is a funky style that uses pops, glides, and more to create illusions and express yourself.

See Related Article: What is Popping?

While popping comes with a set of very controlled foundational movements, like –





– the style is more about training your mind than training your body because it's most often executed at creativity-driven cyphers and freestyle sessions.

So, even if you have a particularly challenging space to work with or live on a top floor where you'll need to be quieter, a great Popping instructor will teach you how to make any space work for you.

Watch the STEEZY Squad's resident Popper, Claydohboon, demonstrate!

3. Jazz Funk

Jazz Funk is a dance style filled with powerful, fierce combos that will make you feel ready to jump on stage at a concert!

It's a great dance style to learn if you love the –

Sexy body rolls

Booty dips


Fun, sassy grooves

– you've seen in music videos!

Even the most famous of dancers, like CJ Salvador, Rie Hata, and Keone Madrid, started learning to dance by getting together with friends and copying routines from artists like N'Sync and Britney Spears at home!

These routines are often small-space-friendly and, by learning them at home, you'll have the perfect opportunity to go full out and BECOME Beyoncé – lip-syncing and all. 😉

4. Dancehall

Dancehall is a fun, playful social dance style from the literal dance halls of Jamaica.

The whole style is based on singular moves, such as –


The Congrats


The Tour Di City

– so it's a convenient style to learn at home, at your own pace.

With each class being about 10 minutes, you can easily squeeze in a Dancehall session every day – and in just 1 week of dancing, you'll have 7 new moves under your belt.

If you live on an upper floor, just remember to wear quiet shoes, socks, or bare feet when practicing the bouncier moves!

5. Whacking

Whacking is an empowering style with a focus on sharp, fast arm movements, originating from the LGBTQ+ community.

It's ideal for at-home dancers who don't have a ton of floorspace, as you can master many of the foundational movements, including –

Arm Lines




– without traveling across the floor.


Because Whacking is all about performance, this is the perfect style for practicing your posing! 💃

Practice two different poses every day in your living room – you literally don't need any more space than what your body can physically take up, which most living rooms will have (unless you're like 7ft tall).

Read more about Whacking here: What is Whacking?

6. Choreography

Choreography can be ANY dance routine set to a popular song where the moves are inspired by multiple dance styles.

Watch this playlist of the most popular routines on STEEZY Studio, to see the wide range of choreographies you can learn:

Because choreography is so varied, you can tailor your dance training to the space you have available!

Live in an itty bitty apartment? Try learning something sharp, intricate, and controlled:

Live on an upper floor? Try learning something smooooothhh so you don't have to worry about loud stomps and jumps:

Got plenty of space? Go wild with floorwork and powerful combos:

There are so many ways to use choreos to become a better dancer – whatever “better” means to you!


Hope this list gave you some ideas for your at-home training!

Have any tips you wanna share? Any questions we didn't answer?

Comment below!

And if you want step-by-step tutorials and guided programs to get your training started, you can learn ALL of these styles on STEEZY Studio!

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