The Ultimate Drinking Game For Dancers! (Social Media Edition)

The Ultimate Drinking Game For Dancers! (Social Media Edition)

Jessie Ma
January 23, 2024
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It's the freakin' weekeeeeennnnnndddd!!! If you're a dancer who looks forward to the TU every Friday night, and are also the type to be on their phone 88% of the time – this is the drinking game for you.


It's the perfect way to pregame for that concert/houseparty/musicfestival/whatevertypeofevent. Or to just get drunk alone in your room.. (don't do that)(See Related Article: 12 Types of Dancers You See At A Party Or Club)

Buttt, if you're less about getting turnt and more about getting toned, substitute a push-up for the shot or sip of beer that your party animal counterpart would be taking. #FITLYFE!Alright alright, we're getting thirsty. Ready to play? ;) For every one of these 3 social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), simply scroll through your dashboard.

Every time you come across any one of these items, take a shot/sip! (See Related Article: How To Take Care Of Your Body As A Dancer) Or you can through your OWN profile and see how many of these you're guilty of. Cheers!


Dancers On Social Media: Facebook

Take a shot when you see...

  1. Someone with an action shot as their profile picture
  2. Someone with a team photo as their cover photo
  3. A long sappy text post about how much a dancer loves their team (+1 if it's during hell week)
  4. A long passive-aggressive text post about the things that are wrong with dance "these days"
  5. Shares of the newest/hottest concept video giving props to the artist (+1 shot for any name drops of the friends who danced in it)
  6. Shares of performance videos from a media outlet after a competition (+1 shot for front row views)

Dancers On Social Media: Twitter

Take a shot when you see...

  1. Post-rehearsal tweet about how much someone loves their team
  2. RT of a self righteous tweet from a more well-known dancer, commenting on the changing landscape of the community #notthesame #backinmyday
  3. Tweet about being tired during hell week. (yes, 1 shot for every tweet!)
  4. A snippet of someone doing their own choreography
  5. An RT of someone else's choreography (+1 for an added comment like "ugh" or "I can't")

Dancers On Social Media: Instagram (Where You Get Really Drunk)

Take a shot when you see...

  1. "Part 4" .. "Part 3" .. "Part 2".. "Part 1".. of a dancer doing someone's else's choreography (1 for every part!)
  2. "Part 4" .. "Part 3" .. "Part 2".. "Part 1" of someone doing someone else's choreography (+1 if it's from Snowglobe)
  3. Freestyle video clips
  4. Photo of team's hands "bringing it in" at the end of a particularly productive or emotional rehearsal  (+1 shot if it's in a dramatic black & white VSCO filter)
  5. An action shot from most recent show
  6. A photobooth photo from a competition with that notorious STEEZY backdrop
  7. Appreciation or "I'm so proud of.." photo of someone with their "big" or "little" on the team
  8. Flyer for a workshop someone's team is hosting
  9. Flyer for a workshop someone is teaching in (+1 shot for these words: "humbled," "thankful," "blessed," "opportunity," "come dance with me!")
  10. Album art from song of piece someone is teaching to
  11. Flyer of fundraiser or merchandise sale for someone's team
  12. Picture of dancer with a famous choreographer after a workshop
  13. Photo of just the team's feet during an end-of-rehearsal circle up. (+2 shots if the caption reads "Road To ___")
  14. A selfie with a lanyard for a competition or show
  15. A mirror-image selfie at a dance studio
  16. Photo with studio sign (+1 for mL or Snowglobe neon sign)
  17. "Coming soon" teaser photo or video with cast of a concept video
Maxt Out-Edit-1-134

Feelin' tipsy yet? You should be!But all jokes aside, we love seeing dance-related things on all our newsfeeds. Social media's an awesome way to express your thoughts, share your adventures, and stay connected to the culture of the dance community. Hope you have a great weekend, and we'll be seeing you on our dashboards! ;)

Post a 15-second Instagram clip of you doing a piece that you learned on STEEZY Studio! The double taps will come flooding in.